Son of Khan of Kalat offers to mediate



QUETTA: Offering to play the role of an arbitrator, former federal minister Prince Mohayyuddin Baloch, son of the late Khan of Kalat Mir Ahmed Yar Khan, has warned that international forces have started to spread their network in Balochistan, taking benefit of the ongoing war between the security forces and militants.

Talking to reporters in Kalat, he said: “There are two forces in Balochistan who have been confronting each other – the security forces and militants. Taking benefit of the ongoing war between them, international forces have started to spread their network in Balochistan to implement their agenda to get control of the region to protect their interests.”

Prince Mohayyuddin, who is chief of the Baloch Coordination Movement, said mines and minerals of Balochistan worth billions of dollars were being sold abroad despite the fact that the province was facing the worst law and order situation.

He said Balochistan was not being given its share from the income made by selling its natural resources.

He said Pakistan would suffer an irreparable loss if Balochistan was separated from it.

Prince Mohayyuddin said former dictator retired Gen Pervez Musharraf was responsible for the situation as he had put in prisons Baloch leaders who were loyal to the country.

He said the so-called elected representatives of Balochistan always kept mum over the issues of the people of the province.

Offering to mediate between the government and the militants, he said: “My father played his role on the issue of Balochistan in 1971 and due to his peace efforts the militants came to the dialogue table from mountains and peace and order was restored.”

He said that elements had staged ‘dance shows’ in Islamabad in the name of sit-ins and the government was engaged in dialogue with them, but it did not respond to elders and women who had walked from Quetta to Islamabad for the recovery of missing persons.


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