Solar Units to Help KPK Health Facilities Combat 10 Hour Power Outages


A recent survey carried out by the independent monitoring unit (IMU) of the health department reveals that 210 health facilities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa face 10-hour power outages every day.

KPK health department has taken notice of the matter and has asked the Pakhtunkhwa Energy Development Organisation to install solar power units for safety of vaccine and functioning of laboratories.

The solar power system are also expected to power X-ray plants and ultrasound machines during the power shortage thus providing a permanent solution for the public sector hospitals that are unable to facilitate patients despite the availability of required staff and equipment.

210 health facilities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa face 10-hour power outage every day

Residents of Abbotabad, Mansehra, Kohistan and Battagram will be facilitated by this project where the electricity was unavailable for 13% or non-functional in over 67% of the facilities.

The health department has also released Rs40 million to Rs50 million to 19 districts besides regular budget to be spent at the district level on prompt repairs, civil work and supply of medicines and power. – Dr Akhtar Head of IMU

Dr Akhtar, the head of IMU said the survey was conducted on the request of health secretary and all the 1,518 health facilities were surveyed. The 1,518 health facilities included all 781 basic health units (BHUs), 410 civil dispensaries and 128 hospitals of the province.

Maps and situation analysis also pinpoint that power-deficient hospitals stay without water, sanitation and sterilisation – he said.

The survey recommends that facilities with non-availability of electricity should be energized with the system urgently. It has also recommended available alternate sources of energy; electricity generators, installation of solar power panels, UPS and stabilizers that could assist in fixing the issue.

Dr Akhtar also advised district administration and PEDO to conduct rapid assessment in facilities to fix the issues with available resources. He said the department is waiting for the responses from PEDO.

The provincial government has also promised to provide financial assistance to other districts. While praising the decentralisation of power through district government, he told that department has also planned to constitute committees for the assistance and care of rural areas health facilities.

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