Solar power, could solve your power woes


KARACHI: The Shershah scrap market in Karachi is well known for being the single hub where everything from a needle to a jet engine can be bought. Recently solar panels have become available at the market as well.

“One 45 watt solar panel can power one fan and two lights, if we opt for solar solutions we won’t be complaining about the government anymore,” says a scrap dealer selling solar panels in a country where power woes have been longstanding for generations.

Every government promises to eliminate load shedding, a phenomenon where due to leakage theft and shortage of electricity power is turned off sometimes according to schedule and other times unannounced.

In 2015 over $285 billion was invested in green energy projects globally. Some investments were witnessed in Pakistan as well; it expected that with the inclusion of local banks in the USAID program more investment will be witnessed in green energy projects.

Over the last five years global generation capacity has catapulted from 40 gigawatts to over 225 gigawatts. For a country like Pakistan with an insatiable appetite for energy, the future can be bright if powered by green energy solutions.

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