Social Media Can’t be Controlled in Pakistan: PTA


Public Accounts Committee (PAC) hosted a meeting headed by its Chairman Syed Khursheed Shah in which PTA gave briefing. PTA told PAC that Social media cannot be controlled in Pakistan until all social media websites avail the license from PTA. Social Media Can’t be Controlled in Pakistan: PTA.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority revealed that it has collaborated with universities and HEC for creating awareness regarding use of social media. PTA has established Information Exchange Centers in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi to ensure the cyber security.

Social Media Can’t be Controlled in Pakistan: PTA

During meeting PTA Chairman, Dr. Ismail Shah told the committee that there are 140 million consumers in Pakistan and above 40.21 million broadband consumers. He told that telecom services stretches to 72.4 percent area of Pakistan.

Dr. Ismail Shah said:

The success of Uber and Careem taxi service only due to broad-band facility and because of this the business of other taxis was affected so it was decided to include them also to avail this facility,”

Sharing the achievements, he further told that broadband consumers are increasing 185% annually and over 74,000 terabyte data is used annually in Pakistan. Due to excess use of mobile broadband, first branchless bank sim has been established.

Chairman of PTA told that they are working on a new system that will control mobile phone thefts in Pakistan. He revealed that they are also working on a project to stop unnecessary advertisements on mobile phones.










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