Smartphones are destroying how our children sleep


Smartphones and tablets are destroying the way our children sleep, even when they are switched off, a new study points out.

The excitement by the presence of screens in the bedroom are disrupting sleep for children, findings of a study of 125,000 children by researchers at King’s College London, published in the medical journal JAMA Pediatrics last November reveal.

“Children are taking electronic devices to bed and continuing to use them through the night,” Dr Simon Archer, a reader in sleep genetics at the University of Surrey elaborated.

“The excitement of rapid communication has a stimulating effect that prevents sound sleep.”

Many schoolchildren take their phones to bed and often check social media before going to sleep. .

Poor sleep in growth years may result in loss of appetite, which may lead to other diseases.

So next time you put your child to bed, make sure screens in the room are off limits.




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