Skillful hands of deaf, mute artist in Kashmir bring walnut wood to life


SRINAGAR:Skillful hands of deaf, mute artist in Kashmir bring walnut wood to life.

Yusuf Muran is last from generation of master woodcarvers in region despite being born with speech, hearing impairments

In the narrow lanes of Srinagar, capital of the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (IIOJK), Mohammad Yusuf Muran, a deaf and mute walnut woodcarver, is busy crafting a sculpture of a lion and a stag in his 200-year-old workshop that has housed the finest craftsmen over many generations.

Upon entering the workshop, one finds Muran, 55, carving and giving shape to the wood.

Using sign language and with a gentle smile on his face, he communicates with visitors, who cannot help but marvel at the fine pieces of art that he has completed.

His son Saqlain Ahmad, who also acts as his interlocutor, said his father is busy in his workshop from dawn to dusk, carving beautiful sculptures and miniature replicas of historical monuments out of walnut wood.

Experts believe that this walnut woodcraft is one of the oldest crafts originating from Central Asia. Muran is the last man that has mastery of the art despite being born with speech and hearing impairments. From utility items to sculptures, Muran’s art seems so real and breathtaking.

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