Sima Kamil to be the First Woman CEO of a major bank in Pakistan


Gone are the days when the banking sector was considered a man’s playfield as soon Pakistan will witness the first woman head a major bank in the country.

Sima Kamil, head of branch banking at Habib Bank Limited (HBL) is reported to move on towards leading one the five big players in Pakistan’s commercial banking sector. According to Profit, an online blog, she has left HBL and is rumored to join UBL as its next President and CEO.

Though no official statements have been made in this regard and for many, it seems unlikely that UBL will replace its current President and CEO Wajahat Husain as he’s one of the stellar forces in the banking world. The rumors are that she may be joining initially as a deputy CEO of UBL.

Pakistan is a struggling economy where the women are faced with many hurdles to rise to the top, but we have many brave voices who based on their skill have proven their worth in the country. Where the USA, the superpower of the world still has to elect a women President, and yes it is 2017, we elected Benazir Bhutto in 1993 (or in other words, decades ago).

Our entrepreneurial world is no different; now we can see many women taking charge of the technology world and changing the entrepreneurial landscape of the country. We can see various initiatives targeted at women to help them out like Nighat Dad’s cyber harassment helpline or a female tech community by Faiza Yousuf.

It is not yet confirmed by official sources whether Sima Kamil will be joining UBL, but we sure do hope that we may see a new dawn in the country where our lawmakers don’t use abusive language and then think it,s okay to say SORRY later.





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