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From 5.50pm yesterday to 11 in the night, a melodrama was played on the conscience of a nation that was forced to be glued to its TV screens, harassed by the thought, ‘is this the safety condition of the state capital’, and downed by the image being portrayed around the world of the country they are so proud of.

Apparently the state machine has no idea about the whereabouts of this man Sikander khan, except that he is resident of Hafizabad, but rumors are that he had been the security guard of PPP’s chairman, Asif Ali Zardari. Source are confident that there is more to Zamraud Khan , Sikandar and PPP nexus. It has also been learnt that he was deported from Dubai several years ago due to clandestine activities. At the time when he left Dubai, he was full-bearded and had 3 daughters and 2 sons with his Dubai wife.

One can imagine if or if not, this man may have been involved in clandestine activities during his stay in Pakistan in the past 11 years, but what to blame our state machine for one man, when thousands of terrorist are roaming freely in the country. But the fact is that the Pakistani Agencies have been vigilant and active, especially in the aftermaths of the Abbottabad Raid and more so in the wake of the 2014 Withdrawal. Several raids and operations have been conducted in the past months to eliminate TTP terrorist, even stricter surveillance is put on these traitors and paid mercenaries once they disperse from their stronghold. TTP terrorist have been alleged several time by our interior ministry to have been aided and embedded by foreign agencies, of whom Raw is top of the list. In such difficult situation, the first thing that should have come on the minds of the authorities must have been the possible connection of this man with the misdoings of our foreign enemies, and any possible link with the LoC tensions and the 2014 Withdrawal. They should have also considered the technique used many times before of using one attack as a bait for some other more dangerous crime.

In this backdrop, the sudden appearance of Sikander Khan on the Constitution Avenue, laced with 2 Kalashnikovs, ambushed within his wife and 2 children, firing in the air, smoking his cigarette and drinking is energy drinks, puts a huge question mark of the readiness and ability of the state machine. Did the mandated authorities seated inside the walls of the Parliament know all that had to be known about this man, and the potential danger that may have related to him; then why did they not react immediately? OR did they have no clue who this man was, and were shrouded in sheer ignorance from reality; then again why did they not react immediately?

Common sense tells us that in both cases, that if the Ruling Party, the Interior Ministry, the Islamabad Police, the Federal Secretary, knew about this man they should have acted immediately to secure him as a potential threat, and if they were unaware they should not have let this lunatic run chaos through the minds of the whole Pakistani public for hour and hours uninterrupted.  No wonder the whole nation is pointing at their non-professionalism, incompetence, indecisiveness and lack of coherence today.

But apart from ineptness of our governance, the common sense goes one step further in scrutinizing the government; it wants to know who was really driving the show of the melodrama being rehearsed between Sikandar Khan, the Interior Minster, the Government, the Police, the Media , Sikandar khan and our hero Mr.Zamurrad. A melodrama played upon a nation already harassed with many divides; of Religion and Secularism; of Terror and Extremism; of Nationalism and Ethnicity…. A melodrama played well and in a prolonged fashion by each player all the well yesterday.

At such a state, when the nation is already facing demoralization due to the constant terror they face in their streets at the hands of Terrorists Bombers, and in the homes when they face a sold-out media, day and night, harassing their national integrity, their religious beliefs and their will to stand up as proud Pakistani Muslims, what does this orchestration bring for us.

It brings with it a chance for the media to attack Islam again, and they did it very well, as most of the mainstream news anchors spurred hatred towards an extreme behavior quickly relating it to terrorism, making it plain how absurd it is to demand an Islamic Shariah, as the only people who would make such a demand would be lunatics. It brought a bad name to Pakistan, as our authorities sat on their sofas, letting the nation feel more ashamed with every hour that passed, to know that their sold-out rulers were totally impotent, perhaps making a few more bucks with this one too.

One would like to conclude that perhaps foreign entities had played this cheap drama on us by instigating a common man to crime, as all their implanted entities are at the run anyways, with the 2014 approaching. But even if it were the dirty shadows of foreign enemies, one must conclude along with it some more dirty shadows, within our authorities that allowed this drama to pull on to prolonged climax, destructing the peace of this nation, acting lower than the lowly others.

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  1. Religious extremism is the source of so many problems in Pakistan it is a wonder you have gotten this far without a civil war starting along sectarian lines…the fact that most political parties have religious affiliations assures that your politicians cannot be objective in developing laws and policies that control fanatics and radicals because their fanaticism is based in the religions which they support…separating religion from politics is the only way around this impasse that you have created but realistically it will never happen in your intolerant society…when the mass killing by the terrorists begins I don’t know who will be able to stop it…

    • Nice fearmongering there. Too bad your stupidity makes it hard to take u seriously. The reason there hasn’t already been a civil war is b/c Pakistanis don’t support the sectarian killings committed by your terrorist proxies. Oh and there has never been a “religious” party that has ever won in Pakistani elections. If u had even an ounce of intelligence u would have known that. ppp, pmln, mqm and pti are the 4 biggest and none of them are religious. Just goes to show how stupid you and your predictions really are. you act as if you’re an expert on pakistan and yet u dont know these basic facts.

  2. “One would like to conclude that perhaps foreign entities had played this cheap drama on us ”

    That’s right. Pakis are ever-perfect. It’s only the corrupting influence of others that causes problems. May I kindly suggest that you build a HUGE wall around Pakistan and just stay there? Cut off all contact. Live like the Amish – except with 7th century peadoloving laws.

  3. I know one thing since Pakistan was created we abandoned Allah and his messenger and the results are unfolding everyday in front of our eyes….Its time we do Tuba and change or face the consequences

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