Shuhada Resolution by 3000 Ulemas From Across Pakistan


Shuhada Resolution

A Shuhada (Martyrs) Convention was held today, under the auspices of Jamat-ud-Dawa, to dispel the deliberate confusions being created in the society following the bombing of Hakimullah Mehsud in a drone strike. Attended by 3000 religious scholars, it was resolved that deliberate confusion is being created by certain segments of the society about ‘martyrdom’ status of the slain warriors.

The religious scholars stressed that the terrorists are increasingly resorting to the menace of Takfeerism (declaring Muslims as Infidels), to justify their atrocities and nefarious aims. It was further underscored that the US is using drone strikes to target tribal Muslims, who as a reaction are resorting to terrorism activities and sabotage.

Appealing to the Government of Pakistan and all the religious-political parties, the scholars pointed out that they should direct their activities towards the real enemy, and shouldn’t confuse the masses in unnecessary debates of attainment of ‘martyrdom’.

Lauding the sacrifices of Pakistani armed forces, the highly learned participants iterated that the Pakistani nation would stand alongside its armed forces, and will give a befitting reply to anyone who dare gaze at Pakistan with mal-intent.

At the end of the conference, a resolution was passed stating that the Government of Pakistan should part way with the United States on the so called ‘War on Terror’, stop the US from carrying on drone strikes on Pakistan’s soil, and carry on negotiations with TTP militants so that peace can be maintained.

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  1. It is incredible that these so called learned men do not understand that this is Pakistans war…it is not an American war on terror…it is Taliban terrorists who are killing Pakistanis not Americans…it is the TTP terrorist who are attacking Pakistani civilians and they get their orders from the Afgan Taliban …all of this is well known and admitted to by the TTP and mullah Omar….why don’t these guys know or understand this?

    • You need to understand the fact that the TTP and afghan taleban are two different factions. TTP is supported, trained and financed by the CIA to create havoc in Pakistan.

      • I have heard this lie repeated over and over…it is not true and there has never been any evidence to support it…the Taliban has openly stated that they are financing the TTP with the drug profits they are getting from selling heroin…all reports say that the new leader of the TTP had to be approved by mullah Omar….the TTP have pledged their loyalty to mullah omar??wake up and smell the terrorist that are home grown in Pakistan and supported by Afgan Taliban….

        • WHAT? EVERYONE knows that they are 2 different groups. there is no evidence that the afghan taliban supports the ttp let alone funds them. there is documented evidence that the afghan taliban has said that they don’t support the ttp in its fight against pakistan because they should instead be focusing on removing the terrorist occupation forces from afghanistan. your silly lies aren’t going to change reality. they might have pledged allegiance to mulah omar but so what? if they had pledged allegiance to you instead, does that mean that you support them? see its amazing what u can do with a little critical and logical thinking…

          and as for heroin there is also documented evidence that its the US that is protecting the drug trade. even karzai’s brother was a big drug lord.

    • It is Pakistan army and government that stared this war against it own people on the order of America. These TTP people are form the same tribe which went an liberate the so called Azad Kashmir for Pakistan from India. The were always Pro Pakistani. But when you go on indiscriminate killing with drones and tanks and invader their homes than obviously they will react. I will do the same. And as far as the killing of Pakistan civilian the TTP always say they do not target innocent civilian which Hakimullah Masud clearly said it in his last interview before America killed him with the help of Pakistan army.

      • “as far as the killing of Pakistan civilian the TTP always say they do not target innocent civilian”

        yes ok. and that’s why they have killed thousands of innocent ppl? but of course if the traitor mehsud says so, it must be true right? not to mention that uncircumsized and therefore nonmuslims have been found in the ranks of the ttp.

        hopefully this will consider u to rethink ur fetish with the traitorous mehsud tribe.

      • Anyone who is so uninformed as to think that the. Pakistani army is attacking itself does not deserve any respect…are you insane?…you believe the TTP when they say they do not attack civilians but 40 thousand Pakistani people have been killed by them….you are either incredibly foolish or you are a supporter of the TTP enemy spreading misinformation…

  2. Eddied,

    To respond to you yet again.

    Afghan Taliban do not command TTP and certainly not Fazlullah.

    Fazlullah had uncircumcised heavily armed fighters of South Asian stock captured and killed in SWAT.

    • And you think that uncircumcised terrorist proves something?..all it proves is that the group of murderers called the TTP/ Taliban will recruit any experienced murderer they can find, be they Uzbeks, Iraqis, or anyone else who will kill on the orders of the mullahs…lawless criminals who use children from madrassas to be suicide bombers of mosques, schools etc…oh and don’t forget their biggest enemy…young girls who want to go to school…anyone who supports them is less than garbage…

      • Eddie…

        Uncircumcised heathen South Asian stock not “central Asian”.

        Glad you recognise the TTP traits a stark difference to Afghan Taliban.

        You proved my point,

        Now agree on who funds them and pulls their strings and I may grow to Like u.

  3. Yet another confusing article… to confuse and confound an already confused and confounded nation! On the one hand it talks about “peace talks” with the TTP, while on the other hand it lauds “the soldiers of Pakistan” — who have already been declared as infidels since they are in fact siding with the Pakistan government by fighting America’s “War on Terror” (so-called) !! True Muslims have already declared TTP and its ex-amir Hakimullah as “martyr” … and that immediately means that soldiers fighting him and TTP are infidels… so what is the point of this article to confuse more and more? Really it is BAFFLING !!

    • the only thing that’s confusing is your comment. the ttp are terrorists and kaffirs. they are not martyrs. nice try though trying to spread your disgusting views.

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