A short look at PTI KPK performance


POLICE – is independent & depoliticised – even IG of KPK has said there is no political interference by the political govt and he has been given a free hand to do his work. Umar Cheema a renowned transparency investigative journalist shared his own interaction with IG KPK Police sharing that there was NO POLITICAL interference with the KPK Police (Video Interview of IG KPK Nasir Durrani) – In November KPK Police introduced a complaint registration system Police Access Service via a simple SMS 0315-9007777 with assurances that a response will be made within 24 hours – if someone want to talk he can approach the PAS on toll free number 0800-00400, fax at 091-9223575 or email at pas.kppolice@gmail.com.-

PATWARI SYSTEMS – is far better then before – TV Anchor Fareeha Aziz sent an undercover camera to catch anyone taking a bribe, even journalists Umar Cheema endorsed the same fact that they the patwaris were not taking bribes for fear of being caught. IG Nasir Durrani expelled 1 SP and 2 DSP’s on criminal charges. A Dawn-Herald survey conducted in 2014, showed that 52% of the people felt corruption had decreased, 39% said it remained the same while only 8% said it increased which was a stark difference from comparison to other provinces

JUSTICE – The Peshawar High Court has introduced E-Citizens Grievance Redressal System — a unique justice system in Pakistan through which the people of KPK and tribal areas, especially the distressed and poor segment of society, would get justice within hours. The PHC would now receive complaints and applications just on a phone call, SMS or email through the Human Rights Directorate. The litigants would also receive reports on progress in their cases through phone, email or SMS. The HRD mostly deals with the cases of violation of basic human rights.

HEALTH – The health system has improved significantly – patients testify that doctors are present in the hospitals to attend to their ailments. KPK gov also went through serious challenges regarding Polio and its resistance, they handled the issue and launched a Sehat Ka Insaf program during which each child will also receive vaccination against 9 preventable diseases and vitamin A drops and each family will be given a hygiene kit that includes soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, towel, water container, etc. A Dawn-Herald survey conducted in 2014 showed that Health sector had shown a remarkable 72% improvement far more than other provinces

Sehat Ka Insaf started on 2nd Feb 2014 which immunised 485,000+ kids against 9 preventable diseases

On 9th Feb, 63 UC were covered and the volunteers immunised 513,000 children

On 16th Feb the 3rd campaign targeted 547,300+ children

On 22nd Feb the 4th edition of the campaign targeted 77 UC’s across Peshawar and immunised 551,000

On 1st March the 5th campaign targeted 95 UC’s across Peshawar and immunised 650,450 children

6th Campaign on 9th March targeting 97 UC and immunized 640,000 children

7th Campaign on 15th March targeted 95 UC and immunized 648,000 children

Success of the Anti-Polio campaign can also be measured with the fact that sewage water samples collected on 26th Feb from areas tainted with Polio turned out to be negative for the first time in many years
On 6th March the Ministry of Health approved the service structure for Doctors in KPK, a long standing issue which has been finally cleared up hoping this will pave the way to better health care professionals in KPK
Economist hails that the Sehat Ka Insaf campaign was a remarkable effort considering the 8,000 health care workers were under threat and the KPK govt successfully immunized over 760,000 children in Peshawar

Cancer patients gets free therapy

EDUCATION– Teachers are showing up in schools – those who don’t are removed & new recruits are being brought in with a condition that they are not allowed to transfer between districts. Action was taking against 605 errant/absent teachers while 62 were fired. School Data is available online for the public to view. The entire education system is in the process to be unified to present one curriculum for all schools across the province in English. A Dawn-Herald survey conducted in 2014 showed that Education sector had shown a remarkable 70% improvement far more than other provinces
KPK Govt launches Tameer-e-School campaign to rebuild thousands of dilapidated schools all across the province using cutting edge technology to monitor the funds and the adequate usage of the funds

WOMEN – An SMS awareness campaign was started announcing free gynecological checkups & supporting medicines to pregnant women and an added bonus of Rs 2,700 to help sustain their pregnancy

MINORITIES – for the first time in the history the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf government has initiated a financial assistance scheme for the welfare of widows hailing from the minority Hindu community.

ENVIRONMENT – KPK gov is committed to improving the environment, it has launched a massive 1 billion tree plantation drive across the province and is working on preserving our natural resources

ACCOUNTABILITY / EHTESAB BILL – a very robust & independent Ethesab Bill to catch corruption, this will even keeps PTI’s ministers in check as a deterrent from doing corruption for the fear of being exposed by the public / media

RIGHT TO INFORMATION – allows the citizen to get gov information to keep watch and catch corruption or non performance, gauged to be one of the best RTI bills world over and also ranked to better then Punjab RTI Bill. Journalist and PTI-critic Umar Cheema has even documented identical RTI requests sent to KPK and Punjab, displayed a sincere response by KPK government while the Punjab govt was riddled with bureaucratic red-tape. KPK govt publicly shares the list of all govt Public Information officers and their contact details

RIGHT TO SERVICES – allows the citizen to demand basic services in stipulated number of days (~30 days) or else the bureaucracy will be punished – Public Add – In September 2014, a gentleman from Mardan was successfully able to register an FIR, after having been denied his basic right courtesy of this office
LOCAL GOVT BILL – giving powers all the way down to the village level

CONFLICT OF INTEREST BILL– prevents Gov officers / bureaucracy to silently bid on tenders and reap benefits

ELECTRICITY – KPK Government has a serious commitment to solve the province electricity crisis – for this reason it has asked the Federal Govt to hand over PESCO (management and distribution) to allow for a permanent solution. KPK Govt has initiated launch to 356 Micro-hydel projects all over KPK. While Kalam also got 400KW of Hydel power after 6 years without electricity

ENDING VIP CULTURE – enough of media expose have been done to curtail the KPK Ministers VIP protocols – even the CM KPK was reported using Govt helicopter for his personal use – and he paid the dues from his own pocket

PTI remains focused on bringing a positive change in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and these progress notes will continue to be updated highlighting the efforts being made throughout the province.

Cancer Hospital – Shaukat Khanum is on development stage and it will be operational next year In sha ALLAH to help people of KP and FATA get rid of this disease. They used to travel to lahore previously.










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