Shiv Sena demands closure of Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi


Mumbai: In another act of spewing venom against Pakistan, Indian extremist party Shiv Sena has called the Centre to shutdown the office of the Pakistan high commissioner in New Delhi.

Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut ranted and claimed that the Pakistan High Commission is a breeding ground for spies. “This is a very serious matter. Look how far they have penetrated. The people, who were arrested yesterday, have links with Pakistan High Commission.

“The Pakistan High Commission in Delhi should be locked and the key should be thrown away. It should be closed,” he said. Raut asked the government if it was worth having cricketing and cultural ties with Pakistan under the prevailing circumstances.

“The people having links with the ISI are sitting in the Pakistan High Commission here and they are using our people. Is it not a threat to the national security? Despite all this do we want cricketing and cultural ties with them? It is dangerous,” alleges Raut. One of the extremist wings in India, Sena which has a stronghold in Maharashtra is causing problems and making headlines for the past few months.

The recent acts of violence could only be described as insane. It seems like India could not hold unjust hatred and aggression against Pakistan a moment longer and burst.

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