Sharmeen Obaid – Wrong Woman in the Wrong Family


It is a norm in this country that when you are in power you can use it against anyone, whether they are guilty or not. The person with authority/power can put allegations over any other person without knowing their intentions. Most of the so-called feminists and pseudo-liberals seek attention, if attention is diverted from them they perform stunts that become a hot issue across the social media. This time such publicity stunt came from our very own SharmeenObaid Chinoy – The Oscar winner. There is a point to be mentioned here, the documentary she made on the girl (The Girl in the River), Sharmeen had promised her that she will not disclose her face in her documentary, unfortunately, she got divorced. Now she is categorized as “Divorcee” and has to confront the world, as it is her mistake. Reportedly, another promise Sharmeen made to the girl that, she will take her for the treatment for her acid-burn but-unsurprisingly-she did not fulfill her second promise.

However, a number of people praise her as she brought two Oscars to home. Indeed, she brought one of the most honorable accolades, but the question is, is it necessary to discourage your country in order to get the validation from West? In my opinion, it is a kind of treachery to your country.  However, quite a few people disparaged her as she represented the negative image of Pakistan in the Western states. Nonetheless, she is quite successful in spreading the negative image of Pakistan. Unfortunately, it is also a fact that the Women of Pakistan are suffering much, and it needs to be eradicated at any cost. Instead of showing the negative picture of Pakistan, one should do something meaningful to help such helpless women, needed to start from the grass root level, and should be initiated from now. The latest controversy came in limelight by the Oscar winner Sharmeen Chinoy, when she tweeted about her sister getting “harassed” by the doctor whom she went to for treatment in one of the topmost hospitals in Pakistan.


Such attention-seeking stunts do not help every time. It may lead to criticism even from the personages every now and then. Few public personalities have shown their disapproval on Sharmeen’s absurd act and exhibited consideration towards the victim doctor.

Sidesplittingly, a number of Facebook posts, tweets and even events were created to show their divergence and quips on such controversy. In this world of social media, the news spreads like a wildfire and you get the reaction (either good or bad) in the fraction of minutes. And as expected, after few days of this futile hullabaloo, Sharmeen herself delivered the clarification, her clarification statement is as mentioned below:

Undeniably, harassment is a serious and an undeniable fact of our society where quite a lot of women confront on the daily basis, whether on the bus stops, workplaces, on social media etc. but it should not be used for allegations as well. If she can work in the eradication or reduction of a nuisance then the Pakistanis would applause it, instead of making a short film on it and get yet another Oscar. It might be fruitful for the women of Pakistan.


Sana Zehra is a Microbiologist and have keen interest in writing, a patriot and willing to be an aspiring writer.

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