Shall There be a Winter of Peace?



Thus dies Autumn, leaf by leaf, sigh by sigh

Under a sobbing winter sky.

Snow silence has fallen over

The mad Fall frenzy

Cryptifying the promulgated lull.


‘Night shall give you the cover. Run for your safety,’

Said Hussein.

And yet again

A drizzling night has given them a cover

Masking their soiled faces,

Guilt ridden eyes, slicing brains.

Do they not remember?

Husseins outlive each Karbala?


For us, slaughter never was a distinct memory.

Unsettled dust of Karbala

Still roams in our streets and playgrounds

And on our rooftops and school bags

and ruby foreheads.

Decades diffuse in our shriveled eyes

As birdless hush haunts our ‘Shehr’

And Yazid’s mercenaries march in alleys, hissing terror.


Rambling down the forsaken passage

I hear the Himalayan wind mumble

“They have usurped all Summers of silence,

Shall there be a Winter of peace?”

is from Indian Occupied Kashmir and currently studying in New Delhi. She writes to carve a memorial, however small, on the fleeting pages of time. She can be reached at

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  1. Sub.haanAllaah! Good poem, though I fail to understand why the Indians are likened to Yazeed. As if Yazeed was such a big tyrant as the Indian Army is in Kashmir!

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