Shahid Afridi’s charity wins global award


ISTANBUL: The Shahid Afridi Foundation, a charity set up by Pakistan cricket star Shahid Afrid, won the Best Upcoming Charity of the Year 2016 award at the Global Good Governance in Istanbul on Friday.

“It is with great pleasure that we would like to take this opportunity to inform all our partners, donors and fans that The Shahid Afridi Foundation won the Best Upcoming Charity of the Year 2016 at the Global Good Governance awards in Istanbul,” the charity’s spokesperson said.

Making strides in the field of philanthropy, Shahid Afridi Foundation won 3G Critics’ Choice Best Upcoming Charity of the Year 2016 on Thursday at the Global Good Governance awards in Istanbul.

The award was collected by SAF Global team’s Shahid Sheikh, Chairman SAF UK, and Mr. Arshad Khan CEO SAF, UK.”

The 3G Award winners are chosen based on the five pillars, Transparency, Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Impact and Innovationas per the 3G card after extensive research done by the Awards Nominations Committee in 3G Critics Choice Categories.

Then Awards Committee decides based on the cases presented to them.

3G Awards 2016 were organized in conjunction with Global Donors Forum 2016 where prominent public, private and philanthropic sector leaders and social investors from around the world are participating.

President of Turkey was expected to attend the first day of forum on 25th of May along with some leading personalities in the country.

A huge gathering of prominent leaders from around the world including, UN, World Bank, Islamic Development Bank, USAID, Bill Gates Foundation and many more was arranged.

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“It’s an honor for me and for Pakistanto see Shahid Afridi Foundation (SAF) be a recipient of this global honor. InshaAllah there will be more!,” Afridi said in a statement.

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