Shaheed Captain Isfandyar Bukhari


One day of a Lion is better than 100 years of a Jackal. (Tipu Sultan)

It was blue morning of another day, star’s shine wasfading as dawn approached, birds were chirping and praising Allah, In the meantime there were the soldiers who sacrificed their day and night to protect their homeland. One of the valiant son of this soil was alert, he was serving his motherland guarding his station PAF Badber, Peshawar with the passion for his job and affection for the country.

At 0500 hours when worshipers were in the Mosque and offering the Fajr prayers, 13 barbarous militants entered in the airbase to destroy the assets of Pakistan AirForce and to inflict heavy loss of lives. At that time Captain IsfandYar Ahmed Bukhari confronted them along with his squad and blared terrorists with full force – engaged them so that they can’t reach to the family wing or towards the assets, Due to the steady and strong response from troops, the terrorists were restricted and couldn’t move an inch forward.

He was part of QRF (Quick Response Force) and Wing Commander Jinnah Wing 48th Entry, it was undoubtedly a Quick response from the troops. Capt. dispatched 4 militants to hell by himself. He was leading from the front and one of his colleague Major Haseeb got injured in this operation.

Few militants moved towards the Technical area from where they also faced resistance from 3 technicians Shan Ali Shaukat, Tariq Abbas and Saqib. While fighting, these technicians also got martyred.

A group of militants moved towards the Mosque and showered bullets on Namazis. As a result of which 16 worshipers along with the Imam were martyred.

Capt. IsfandYar Bukhari embraced martyrdom while leading from the front, got 4 bullets on his chest. He fulfilled his promise to the motherland and in the line of fire he fought with the Dogs of Hell valiantly and did a bang-up job.

He passed his Secondary school from Army Public School, Attock and FSc from Hassanabdal Cadet College later he joined Pakistan Army. In his life he bagged several achievements from all races of life.

He was awarded “Sword of Honour” after the completion of his training at PMA Kakul in Oct 2008.

He was boxing champion, Chess Champion and Ex-President of Biology club, member of riding club in PMA. He also served for 5 years as Associate writer of his college magazine.

According to his friends and teachers, from the beginning was fond of joining the Pakistan Army and would talk of ridding his country of the terrorists who are great hurdle in development of Pakistan.

His class fellow Syed Hussain Naqvi narrated while talking to this scribe said that last time, during a chat Capt. Asfandyar told him that soon you will see that I will be fighting directly with the terrorists and said that he will play hell with them and he proved it well while fighting in Badhber against the terrorists.Asfandyar was a brave, valiant and down to earth human being. He added.

‘I am proud of Isfand Yar’s martyrdom, no need for condolences’: Doctor Fayyaz Hussain Bukhari, Father of CaptIsfandYar, he told. If I got a chance, then I’ll surely sacrifice my life for my Country. He added

Thousands of people from the nearby Villages, high military officials and family members attended the funeral and laid to rest him to his native village Attock with full military honor. May Allah swt grant him highest place in Jannah and increase his status. Ameen!

Sana Zehra is a Microbiologist and have keen interest in writing, a patriot and willing to be an aspiring writer.

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