Security tightened at airports



The Kingdom’s airports have stepped up security with officers carrying arms to thwart infiltration by extremists. Passengers are being subjected to strict scrutiny at all ports of entry.
Meanwhile, the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) is following up with higher authorities on new search and inspection methods for passengers.
A security officer was quoted by the local media as saying that all officers and soldiers posted at land entry points must bear arms at all times to defend themselves in case of a terrorist attack and barricades must be installed following the recent events in Sharura where four Saudi security members and five terrorists lost their lives. A knowledgeable source at Dammam airport said that the authorities will implement a security plan which will take into consideration the new inspection measures regarding passenger safety. Some measures might include interrogating suspects.
“The new security measures in place have caused no confusion or panic among passengers as claimed. It is for their safety after all,” said the source.
Dr. Khareef, a terrorism expert, said it is normal to step up security measures at the airports of any country which is targeted by terrorists. “And in view of the infiltration attempts across the land borders, it is only normal that such attempts might occur at airports as well,” he added.
With the ongoing turmoil on the Kingdom’s borders and the political instability in the region, Saudi Arabia has taken measures to ensure that its borders are safe from terrorists.

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