Security forces declare Tirah Valley terrorist-free



Peshawar- A once violence-inflicted Tirah Valley, an area of Khyber Agency, has now been cleared of terrorists, local media quoting officials reported today.
According to security sources, the internally displaced persons of TirahValley will now start returning to their native place from May7, 2014. The immigration will take place in four different phases. The affectees will return home after the gap of three years, sources told. The entire process of returning of Tirah IDPs will complete by June5, 2014. Security sources informed that the affected people will also be provided six months of ration, free-of-charge.


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  1. Now Nawaz Shareef will start peace talks again allowing the wretched terrorists regroup and make numbers in Afghanistan and start another wave of terror.

    There can be no talks with TTP if they want safe passage they must provide names for each and every operative foreign and non foreign and relinquish weapons.

    If they want to right their wrongs they should consider the liberation of Kashmir.

    Otherwise there can be zero tolerance and negotiation with such fools and zero amnesty for leaders like Fazlullah.

  2. How long before Nawaz Shareef start negotiating with his pants down to the TTP again giving them time to regroup again.

    There is a pattern here,

    terrorist enemies of Islam and humanity the TTP get cornered and on the defensive and GEO or India or US or UK spread a malicious statement with little or no evidence against Pakistan Army and ISI.

    The outcome is Shareef drops his shalwar and shows his bare bottom to the world and starts pushing for talks with these terrorists with largely foreign fighters in their ranks.

    If you do not see a pattern then you are blind deaf dumb and stupid, oh right you would be since you voted for Shareef.

    Kill these vermis and if possible re educate them and send them back to their paymasters as a gift.

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