Security boss supports $169m robbery accusation against Ghani


WASHINGTON: As a US government office test asserts that previous Afghan President Ashraf Ghani took with him $169 million while escaping Kabul, a senior individual from his safety crew said on Sunday that he has video evidence of the supposed robbery.

Brigadier General Piraz Ata Sharifi, who headed Mr. Ghani’s guardian, said in a meeting that he does not just saw enormous sacks of money being moved yet additionally obtained a video cut from a CCTV camera.

“One of my positions was to incapacitate the fighters careful at the service before the president showed up, for his security,” Mr. Sharifi told the Daily Mail Online from a refuge in Afghanistan. Mr. Sharifi, needed by the Taliban for cross-examination, is stowing away at an undisclosed area in Afghanistan. The Taliban have reported an award of 1,000,000 Afghanis for his capture.

“We were sitting tight for the president there. However at that point I got a call to say that as opposed to going to the safeguard service, the president went to the air terminal. The guard serve had additionally escaped. So had my chief. So had all of Mr. Ghani’s nearby family and company,” he said.

“I have a [CCTV] recording [from the palace]which shows that a person at the Afghan Bank carried a large chunk of change to Mr. Ghani before he left,” Mr. Sharifi guaranteed. “Many millions, maybe billions of dollars. There were many enormous sacks, and they were weighty.”

He said he was baffled as he loved Mr Ghani. “This cash was for the money trade market.

Every Thursday, the dollars were brought for that reason. All things being equal, it was taken by the president. Mr. Ghani knew in the end what might occur. Along these lines, he took all the cash and got away.”

Mr. Ghani, nonetheless, has denied the charge that he left Kabul with four vehicles and a chopper brimming with $169 million, adding that he left Afghanistan inelegantly to keep away from a slaughter. His unexpected takeoff permitted the Taliban to take Kabul fourteen days before the US troop pullout.

Recently, the US government’s investigator general responsible for researching abuse of help cash in Afghanistan told Congress he’s “investigating” guarantees that Mr. Ghani and his subordinates took a huge number of dollars prior to escaping.

“We haven’t demonstrated that yet. We’re investigating that,” Inspector General John Sopko said during a House hearing on Afghanistan.

“There are charges, however not just with President Ghani. There are charges with senior authorities in their money service, their national bank, and various different services wandering off with a great many dollars,” he said.

“Yet, once more, those are simply charges. We have not affirmed any of those at this point,” he said.

Last month, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki let correspondents know that up until now, they had no proof of Mr. Ghani’s contribution in this robbery, yet the Biden organization would allow the United Nations to test the claims. “We’d concede to the UN on that. I don’t have any further remark from here,” she said.

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