Saudi king calls for united stance against terrorism


Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah talks with U.S. Secretary of State Kerry before a meeting at the King's desert encampment in Rawdat al-Khuraim

Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz urged religious leaders on Friday to take a united stance against “terrorists” trying to “highjack” Islam and denounced the international community’s “indifference” to what he described were “war crimes” being committed in the Gaza Strip.

The Muslim world is “going through a historic and vulnerable phase,” the Saudi king said in a statement that was read live by a news anchor on Saudi state television.

“The terrorists think that their … backbones have been strengthened but they are delusional,” he the King said, adding that “it is shameful and disgraceful that these terrorists are doing this in the name of religion.”

King Abdullah affirmed that Islam was “innocent” of the actions of “traitor terrorists” and said that “they have distorted the image of Islam with its purity and humanity and smeared it with all sorts of bad qualities by their actions.”


In an apparent indirect reference to Israel, King Abdullah said “terrorism has many manifestations, the most dangerous being state terrorism.”

He also highlighted how “the blood of our brothers in Palestine is being spilled,” saying both groups and countries alike were committing acts of terror.

“All of this occurs under the eyes and ears of the international community, including human rights organizations,” the king said, adding that “war crimes” were being committed in Gaza.

The Saudi ruler also criticized the “indifference” of the international community over disturbing events in many Muslim countries.

“This silence has no justification,” he said, warning that “this will bring forth a generation that does not believe in dialogue but in a clash of civilizations.”

“Those who fail to carry out their historic responsibilities against terrorism … will be its first victims tomorrow,’ the king warned.

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  1. How sincere he is we don’t know what we know is that “they” the Saudi were placed into power by foreign states active in dividing muslims yet again today.

    Saudi Arabia was created on the remains of the Ottoman emirate in the Hejaz.

    They have throughout history been active in supporting the finance if anti Muslim agendas.

    Call them powerless or plain stupid and naive.

    By destroying Syria alowing the destruction 8 Iraq and Libya they have unleashed the massacres on the Palestinian people.

    For the sake of Islam for the love of Allah Saudi Arab and Iran need to reconcile and make an amends once and for all.

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