Saudi Arabia to ‘Step Away’ From US Over no Action on Iran, Syria


Prince Bandar bin Sultan

Saudi Arabia’s intelligence chief has said the kingdom is planning to limit its interaction with the United States in wake of Washington’s failure at taking any effective action on Syria crisis and Palestine.

Prince Bandar bin Sultan said Washington had failed to act effectively on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which was growing closer to Tehran, and had also failed to support Saudi during theBahrain uprising, Gulf News reports.

However, it was not clear if Bandar’s statements had the full support of King Abdullah.

Saudi Arabia interpreted U.S. ignorance towards the kingdom at two instances, the report added.

Once, when the U.S. said that it could not protect Saudi’s oil region in case of a war with Syria, and when America failed to hand over details of Syrian military targets to Riyadh as requested by them.


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