Saudi Arabia offers to assist with facilitating Pak-India tensions


Saudi Arabia’s secretary of state Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud has said that Kashmir may be a disputed territory and stressed that the dominion is prepared to play its role in resolving the difficultyalso as easing tensions between Pakistan and India.

In an interview with The Hindu newspaper during his maiden visit to India, Faisal stressed the importance of dialogue between Pakistan and India. “There should be specialised in the path of dialogue between India and Pakistan to resolve issues during a way which will settle concerns permanently,” he said.

The statement by the Saudi secretary of state, while sitting in India is of far-reaching significance. His statement is in stark contrast to India’s position, which has always objected to the role of any third party in resolving the Kashmir issue.

On the Afghan situation, Faisal said that the steadiness of the war-torn country was their foremost concern. The leadership in Afghanistan now, the Taliban … must take under consideration the concerns of the international community as regards the safety situation,” he said.

“The Taliban features a responsibility to exercise good judgment and good governance, to be inclusive, to usher in all people in Afghanistan, and to forge a path which will cause stability, security, and prosperity,” he added.

When asked about the withholding of international aid to the war-torn country, the Saudi minister said that it had been directed primarily for the advantage of the Afghan people. “Our position is that aid should continue and will not be suffering from these situations.”

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