Saudi Arabia Names Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Group


Saudi Arabia has identified the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group along with al-Qaeda and other groups, warning those who join them or support them they could face five to 30 years in prison.

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In this Dec.10, 2006 picture masked Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood students perform a military show inside their al-Azhar university campus in Cairo, Egypt. Centered on a 2009 court case in which the Brotherhood was accused of setting up a student militia, a TV miniseries airing in Egypt that casts a harsh light on the country’s largest opposition movement, the Muslim Brotherhood, plot weaves through in flashbacks decades long confrontations between Egypt’s various governments and the group. Arabic on their masks read “We’re holding on”. (AP Photo)

A statement on Friday from the Saudi Interior Ministry said King Abdullah approved the findings of a committee entrusted with identifying extremist groups referred to in a royal decree earlier last month.

The decree punishes those who fight in conflicts outside the kingdom or join extremist groups or support them.

The statement, carried by official Saudi Press Agency, identified the other terrorist groups as al-Qaeda’s branches in Yemen and Iraq, the Syrian al-Nusra Front, Saudi Hezbollah and Yemen’s Shia Huthis.

Source: AP

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