Saudi Arabia bans Iran’s Mahan Air from flying into Kingdom


RIYADH: Saudi Arabia has banned Iran’s Mahan Air from flying into the Kingdom as tensions between the two middle eastern powers remain high.

The Kingdom’s General Authority of Civil Aviation issued the order Monday night, saying in a statement it banned the airline over “systematic violations” of the country’s safety regulations and laws.

Iran’s semi-official Tasnim news agency quoted civil aviation official Ebrahim Moradi on Tuesday as saying Iranian airlines currently have no flights to Saudi Arabia and would use different routes to fly to Africa.

The United States Treasury Department imposed sanctions on Mahan Air in 2011 after alleging it aided Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah.

Tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran remain high after the kingdom executed a Shia cleric in January and Iranian protesters stormed Saudi diplomatic posts, resulting in severed diplomatic ties between the two countries.

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