Sardar Abdul Qayyum Niazi resigns as AJK PM


Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Prime Minister Sardar Abdul Qayyum Niazi on Thursday offered his acquiescence from his office to stop the move by his parliamentary party – PTI – to supplant him with territorial president Sardar Tanveer Ilyas through a demonstration of general disapproval.

“Under Article 16 (1) of the AJK Constitution, I, the undersigned, leave my office of the state head,” peruses the manually written renunciation dated April 14, which was addressed to the AJK president.

Dr Asif Hussain Shah, secretary of official undertakings, affirmed to Dawn that President Barrister Sultan Mahmood Chaudhry had gotten and acknowledged the renunciation and sent something similar to the central secretary for issuance of a conventional warning in such manner.

Niazi was to confront a demonstration of general disapproval on Friday after 25 individuals from the PTI parliamentary party had moved a goal with this impact against him on Tuesday under Article 18 of the AJK Constitution.

The movers had accused him of “loss of the trust of the parliamentary party, inability to feature Kashmir issue and execute party statement notwithstanding awful administration, nepotism and infringement of legitimacy.”

Since the AJK Constitution makes it required for the movers of a no-trust goal to name a replacement to the head of the state, they hosted designated the get-together’s provincial president Ilyas to succeed Niazi.

A meeting for deciding on the no-trust move is brought by the speaker under Article 27 (4) not sooner than three and not later than seven days after the receipt of the goal.

After the endorsement of the goal by most of the absolute participation, the replacement is considered to have been chosen as state head.

On Tuesday, AJK Assembly Speaker Anwarul Haq had declared his choice to gather a meeting at 10:30am on Friday. The warning, notwithstanding, had not referenced any explanation with respect to why the meeting had been called.

Abdul Majid Khan, one of the signatories of the no-trust move, let Dawn know that the meeting starting on Friday was met by the speaker on the order of 25 PTI officials which he said was submitted under Rule 17(1) of the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly in a matter of seconds before the accommodation of the no-trust goal.

“The house will collect on Friday during which Rule 15 (1) will be suspended to direct the cycle for the appointment of the new head of the house in one day,” he declared.

Rule 15 (1) of the Rules of Procedure sets out a condition that designation papers of the prime pastoral competitor ought to be recorded two days before the day fixed for casting a ballot.

A few legitimate specialists were of the view that in case of the state head’s abdication, the meeting must be brought by the president in the span of 14 days of the renunciation to choose the new state leader as the meeting previously gathered by the speaker couldn’t continue to choose the new head of the house.

Nonetheless, Abdul Majid Khan kept up with that since the get together was considered to be in meeting at the hour of the head’s acquiescence, it was engaged to continue forthwith to choose another head of the house.

He guaranteed that Ilyas would be chosen by something like 32 legislators.

“All PTI administrators have shown up in Muzaffarabad and will cast a ballot tomorrow for the party’s chosen one,” he said.

Priests eliminated
Prior in the day, Niazi eliminated four priests and a consultant, charging them in his rundown with the end goal of “unfortunate behavior, bad behaviors and acts of neglect”.

Those eliminated were serve for neighborhood government and country advancement Khawaja Farooq Ahmed, serve for finance and inland income Abdul Majid Khan, serve for food Ali Shan Soni and guide for common safeguard and calamity the executives Chaudhry Muhammad Akbar Ibrahim.

“The no-trust movement against Abdul Qayyum Niazi was submitted under the choice of party executive and our chief Imran Khan. Unfortunately, the individual who Imran Khan picked out of 32 [parliamentary party members]for this office is openly attempting to undermine his choice. Yet, we stand by our executive,” tweeted Ahmed following the reports that Niazi had taken out him and four others from the bureau.

Niazi laments charges against him
Talking at a presser in Islamabad’s Kashmir House, that’s what niazi lamented “outlandish charges” had been evened out against him in the no-trust goal.

“My wrongdoing is that neither did I carry out debasement myself nor did I permit any other person to do that … I lament the false reverence of the individuals who deceived me,” he said while waving a duplicate of the no-trust goal.

Strangely, not a solitary individual from the PTI parliamentary party was in participation at his presser.

Niazi said he had practiced his majority rule right by offering the renunciation.

“I initially sent my abdication to the party director Imran Khan and afterward to the president following a pass of 60 minutes.”

He said he would keep on functioning as a customary specialist of PTI.

“Yet, it ought to be evident that I can’t sit with the cheats and dacoits,” he said without naming anybody.

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