Samsung S8 to have Siri rival called Bixby


(Web Desk) – Samsung is set to unveil its Siri competitor called ‘Bixby’ coming week that the giant has claimed is better than what is being offered to the customers by its ‘competitor’.

Samsung S8 is to have a dedicated button on the lateral side to activate the voice assistance named ‘Bixby’.

Earlier, Samsung’s S Voice Platform bombed in the market and analysts slammed it for being totally under-equipped. However, the newer voice assistant does not claim to compete with Google Assistant but it is far better than the predecessor in Samsung’s voice assistants.

There was much speculation in number of tech leaks about the button given on the side of Samsung S8 which ended after the South Korean giant revealed that it was for ‘Bixby’ which the company refers to as ‘agent’.

However, it is yet to be cleared how does it actually work in Samsung S8. But for now it is known that just a tap could allow a user to do anything that can be done using the touch screen, only with voice command.

Unveiling of Samsung S8 is scheduled for March 29 but the release date is not confirmed and will vary from region to region.

Key specifications of S8 include:

  • Snapdragon 835 SoC processor
  • Curved AMOLED display
  • From the leaks earlier, we learnt that it will boast a camera that is 12MP and a secondary camera that is 8MP.
  • The leaks also claimed that it does not have a built-in radio but will support NFC

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