Russian strikes batter Ukraine’s power grid


KYIV: Fresh Russian strikes hit metropolises across Ukraine on Thursday, the rearmost in a surge of attacks that have crippled the country’s energy structure as downtime sets in and temperatures drop.

Repeated drumfires have been dismembering electricity and water inventories to millions of Ukrainians, but the Kremlin criticized civilians’ suffering on Kyiv’s turndown to negotiate, rather than on Russian missiles.

Intelligencers in several Ukraine metropolises said the fresh strikes had hit with snow falling for the first time this season and after officers in Kyiv advised of “ delicate ” days ahead with a cold spell approaching.

The drumfires also came as Moscow and Kyiv verified the extension of an agreement allowing Ukraine to export grain through the Black Sea, which aims to help ease pressure on the global force of food.

Ukraine has faced a pounding series of strikes against its power grid following battleground palms against Russia, the rearmost being Moscow’s retreat from the southern megacity of Kherson.

“Four dumdums and five Shahed drones were shot down over Kyiv,” the Kyiv indigenous administration blazoned, pertaining to the Iranian- made self-murder drones that Moscow has been planting against Ukraine targets in masses.

As Russia’s full- scale irruption of Ukraine continues, the head of the central region of Dnipropetrovsk Valentyn Reznichenko said strikes had hit the executive centre of Dnipro.

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