Russia to train Pakistani troops


RAWALPINDI: Russian Deputy Defence Minister of the Russian Federation, Colonel General Alexander V. Fomin, on a visit to Pakistan along with his delegation, has signed an agreement related to  providing assistance to Pakistani troops for the first time ever.

In a collaborative effort put forth by Russia and Pakistan entitled Russia -Pakistan Joint Military Consultative Committee (JMCC) held from 6th – 7th August, Russian   delegation was visiting Pakistan on invitation extended by Secretary Defence Lt. Gen (Retd.) Zamir ul Hassan Shah in which the representatives of both countries discussed bilateral relations   and avenues of future cooperation.

They also signed the Contract on Admission of Service Members of Pakistan in RF’s Training Institutes.

Prior to the inaugural meeting held on Tuesday at Ministry of Defence Rawalpindi, the visiting dignitary had also called Secretary Defence and Defence Minister of Pakistan. During the phone calls, the two sides discussed present status of mutual defence relations with an aim to further strengthen, expand and diversify joint cooperation.

JMCC is the highest forum of defence collaboration between Pakistan and Russian Federation.

The inaugural session of the JMCC had both sides discuss their views on major international issues including situation prevailing in the Middle East and Afghanistan. A comprehensive issue based review was also carried out during which the two countries expressed satisfaction on the milestones achieved since the signing of ground-breaking Agreement on Defence Cooperation in 2014.

The Russian Deputy Defence Minister is also scheduled to meet Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee and the three Service Chiefs during his visit.


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  1. Pakistan suffered immensely under the cold war and one such reason was for being on the wrong side in the war.

    The US initially began as a true friend but soon exploited and used Pakistan for her strategic advantage dumping her in the history rewrite grabbage bin, laying the blame of all American failures in the region at Pakistan’s door.

    Americans lost a key ally in Pakistan we as a nation are courageous, patriotic, brave and a young vibrant nation in the most important strategic geographic juncture in the world.

    Our late shaheed PM Liaqat Ali Khan always saw The Soviet Union as a real strategic ally and refused to allow US access to Pakistan. There are many stories around his assasination but rest assured many lead back to the black hand of The CIA.

    The Russians like The Arabs, and Pakistan over the last 2 decades have suffered at the hands of The Anglo Atlantic propaganda machine. They have many national and strategic interests that converge and the proof is on the pudding. While the US allowed the cancerous IS IS to flourish it was Russia that stopped them in their tracks only to rear their ugly head in our back yard AfghanPak. Same enemy Tereek-e-Taliban degraded by the Indo-US unholy alliance as IS IS.

    The years ahead are tough but not without hope.

    Pray for Imran Khan, Pray for Afwaj-e-Pakistan for the betterment of the region.

    We welcome the strengthening of ties with Russia.

    The purge within Pakistan needs to continue to cleanse the Pak Sar Zameen of the parasites and traitors to make a better stronger Pakistan.

    We will always be fair with the US but can no longer play their games of death and we are not their paid assassins.

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