Russia supports China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project: Envoy


Russia says it “strongly” supports the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project as it is crucial for Pakistan’s economy and regional connectivity.

According to an interview on Radio Pakistan, this was stated by Russian Ambassador to Pakistan Alexey Y Dedov.

Dedov pointed out that CPEC is a component of China’s Silk Road and his country was also working on a similar Eurasian Economic Union. He added that China and Russia are holding discussions to merge the two projects.

Asked about Pakistan’s North-South gas pipeline project, the Russian Ambassador said they are eager to finalise the project at the soonest.

The ambassador said the two countries are closely cooperating in different areas but there is a need to enhance the volume of bilateral trade.

About the MI-35 gunship helicopter deal between the two countries, he said the contract has already been signed and it is now for the officials concerned to define a time-frame for the purpose.

Replying to a question, the Russian ambassador said his country wants Pakistan and India to resolve all issues including Jammu and Kashmir through peaceful means.

He said Pakistan and Russia are also closely cooperating in efforts for restoration of peace in Afghanistan.

Source : APP



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