Russia offers blended crude oil to Pakistan


KARACHI: The News reported on Friday that Pakistan’s refining sector is unable to process crude oil of a single specification, so Russia has offered to provide blended crude oil.

During a Thursday virtual meeting between the authorities, the Russian side made an offer. The offer is a component of the supply of 100,000 barrels of crude oil per day.

Senior members of the Petroleum Division and oil industry representatives made up the Pakistani side, which was led by State Minister for Petroleum Dr. Musadik Malik. On the Russian side, senior members of the energy ministry and relevant departments made up the team.

Sources aware of the procedures of the gathering told The News the Pakistani specialists let their Russian partners know that the nation required raw petroleum, oil based goods, gas and interest in framework.

When a Russian delegation visited Pakistan in the third week of January 2023, the Russian side informed the Pakistani authorities that they were willing to collaborate with them and would further consider the matter.

In addition, they stated that Pakistan would receive daily supplies of 100,000 barrels of crude oil from Russia. However, they were informed by Pakistani authorities that the country’s refineries processed light crude oil and used hydro-skimming techniques. In addition, they stated that they would be more interested in processing light crude oil.

According to the authorities in Russia, if the Pakistani refineries are unable to process a single crude oil, they can supply blended crude oil.

According to the sources, additional discussions would take place when the Russian authorities visit Pakistan in a month.

At the end of November, a Pakistani delegation went to Russia to talk about getting cheaper oil and gas.

Subsequent to getting back from Russia, Malik, tending to a news gathering, said that Russia had consented to supply raw petroleum. The Russian authorities would visit Pakistan the following month to finalize the rates and payment method.

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