Rs167m recovered from Pakistanis owning foreign assets, FBR informs SC


ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court (SC) was informed by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) that Rs167 million have been recovered from Pakistani citizens owning undeclared assets abroad.

“Another Rs100 million is due to be paid by Agha Fazl. While further probes are underway,” the court was informed.

During the hearing of the foreign properties case, the three-member bench sought an update from the revenue board and inquired on the progress made on 21 model cases identified by FBR.

The representative from the revenue board also informed the apex court that Rs161 million had been recovered since December 13.

Another 147 individuals were identified and served notices, added the representative. The bureau also submitted a report detailing progress made since December 13.

The top court was also informed that Aleema Khanum, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s sister, had till January 13 to pay Rs29.4 million in fines.

Earlier, the chief justice had warned that Khanum’s properties would be attached if she failed to pay the fine and tax imposed by the FBR. The apex court had, however, allowed her to avail the remedy of appeal against the FBR decision about tax determination.

The bench directed FBR to submit a complete report by January 13 and adjourned the hearing till January 14.



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