Rs164bn AJK budget approved amid opposition boycott


MUZAFFARABAD: The Azad Jam­mu and Kashmir (AJK) Legislative As­­sembly on Thursday supported Rs163.7 billion spending plan for the financial year 2022-23 with next to no disturbance without even a trace of the 20-part resistance.

AJK Finance Minister Abdul Majid Khan introduced in a steady progression requests for award of Rs135.2bn for repeating consumptions and Rs28.5bn for formative exercises in the house directed by the decision PTI’s Mohammad Rafique Nayyar as individual from the board of directors.

Since the resistance proceeded with its blacklist of the spending plan meeting, it was going great for Mr Khan as he confronted no cut movement.

The house additionally agreed endorsement to the reexamined spending plan for 2021-22 to the tune of Rs135.7bn, including Rs22.8bn for formative exercises.

Requests for award for extra uses past the endorsed spending plan for financial years 2019-20 to 2020-21 were likewise supported.

During the previous piece of the meeting, managed by Deputy Speaker Chaudhry Riaz Gujjar, Prime Minister Sardar Tanveer Ilyas conveyed an overlong discourse, during which he made many declarations about various areas “with the end goal of improving the expectations for everyday comforts of individuals of state”.

“I have no misgivings about saying that Azad Kashmir will before long go through a genuine change and individuals will see their fantasies converted into the real world,” he declared.

He reported an increment of Rs1,500 per individual in the month to month means stipend of post-1989 Kashmiri outcasts and added that 1,303 free houses as well as a private complex would be worked for their recovery with the help of the national government. He said houses would likewise be worked with the assistance of private area and givers for the meriting groups of saints from armed force and police.

The top state leader’s voice in a real sense stifled when he alluded to the measly amount of Rs3,000 given to Zakat beneficiaries one time each year and said it would be raised to Rs12,000. He likewise reported expanding how much settlement store for unfortunate young ladies to Rs75,000.

Reporting foundation of Quran foundations in Muzaffarabad, Mirpur and Bhimber, PM Ilyas said empty posts of muftis would be filled during the following year. He likewise declared giving free power to mosques holding five petitions every day.

Promising to further develop the instruction area on present day lines, the PM said that 86 essential, 56 center and 61 secondary schools and 45 middle universities would be overhauled.

The public authority would give 1,000 grants to meriting understudies and bestow professional preparation to 1,200 individuals in the principal progressively ease in Punjab for advancement of bungalow industry, he added.

While promising to work on the condition and administrations in state-run clinics, he took solid special case for continuous strikes by specialists and cautioned that “murder and psychological warfare charges would be outlined against the specialists in case of the passing of any understanding during their strike”.

Administration reproached

At the point when the top state leader showed up in the house, he was aggravated to see the secretaries’ exhibition practically unfilled. He resigned to his chamber and returned following 15 minutes when practically all secretaries had run and situated in the exhibition.

Without beating around the bush, the state head requested that the organization “retouch its methodologies” rather than attempting to let down the public authority.

“An administration worker shouldn’t attempt to act as Plato,” he said and cautioned: “Those considering testing the sets of the state leader or pastors will atone by the day’s end.”

“We have shown a great deal of resilience and the individuals who consider it as our shortcoming are mixed up… No one except for this house is consecrated and preeminent and nobody can challenge the power of this house,” he said.

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