Roundup: Pakistan Day Deals and Discounts by Pakistani Online Stores


23rd March holds great importance in Pakistan’s history and comes second only to the Independence Day of Pakistan. Like all Pakistanis celebrating the day, Pakistani online stores will be offering exclusive discounts for the day to show their love for the country. People can enjoy the auspicious day by getting the items on their wishlist at discounted prices.

The trend for multiple sales throughout the year is surely benefiting buyers and retailers alike. This is a very positive sign for the Pakistani e-commerce industry which is maturing at a rapid pace.

For our readers, we have put together a list of online retailers, detailing the discounts, which are offering exclusive discounts for the historic day.

Cheezmall Rush Hour Deal: Rs. 1 Per Product

For Pakistan Day, Cheezmall is bringing a Rs. 1 per product deal. On 23rd of March, CheezMall is going to offer rush hour deals in which after every hour one product would be opened and on average 30 customers will be allowed to order these products for Rs. 1 only.

CheezMall has disclosed that around 13-15 different items will be part of their Rush Hour sales. Items such as headphones, smartphones, clothing, wallets, fashion accessories, etc. are expected to be part of the event.

After 30 orders, the product on rush hour sale would be termed as sold out.

CheezMall says that Rs. 1 per product price will include all taxes, delivery charges and of course, the price for any qualifying product that they will have for their 23rd March Sale.

The deals are expected to go online on Pakistan day here. While limited, this seems like an interesting way to drive traffic and sales on a day where pretty much all e-commerce stores will be vying for customer attention.

Daraz has become one of the most prominent names in online retail in Pakistan. This time around, Daraz is offering a minimum discount of 23 percent on most items at the online store. Discounts, starting at 32% and going all the way up to 70%, will be available on items in the Phones, Computing, Large appliances, Clothing, Shoes, Beauty & Perfumes categories.

Selected deals will get an additional 10 percent off for buyers paying through easypay. Fashion deals and 23 “Amazing Deals” will be announced on the sales day. Every second buyer will get free Pakistan World Cup merchandise while Daraz will also help a Pakistani in need for every sale on Pakistan Day. More deals will go online on Pakistan Day as well.

For the complete range of Daraz’s Pakistan Day Deals, click here.

HomeShopping is another old participant in the Pakistan online commerce market. It’s celebrating the day by offering up to 23% off on select items including smartphones, cameras, laptops and items from every other category on the website.

Deals will go live on Pakistan Day and on sale items will include a “23rd March Deal” as a prefix to all discounted items. Click here to visit HomeShopping.

Telemart has teamed with Telenor to offer some exclusive deals for its “Pakistan Day Grand Sale”. The online retailer will be offering discounts of up to 60% on a wide range of products including mobile phones, smart watches, tablets, cameras, makeup items, home appliances and items from other categories.

Deals will become visible on 22nd March and start on 23rd March. Buyers will need to pay through easypay or easypaisa in order to avail the massive discounts. Head here for more info.

Telenor and Symbios have joined up to bring the Pakistan Day Grand Sale. Symbios will be bringing massive discounts and offers on items from numerous categories. Discounts will vary but go up to 90% on selected items.

Just like Telemart, deals will become visible on 22nd March and start on 23rd March. Buyers will need to pay through easypay or easypaisa in order to avail the massive discounts. For more detailsclick here.

Another leading e-commerce platform, has also announced its Pakistan day sales on itsFacebook page and will be offering deals and discounts for 23 hours from 12.00 a.m. (midnight) to 11 p.m. on March 23rd (starting tonight!).
The discounts, starting from a minimum of 23% off, will be on a variety of products including Playstations, TVs, mobile phones and gadgets, among others.
For more information, stay tuned here.

Yayvo by TCS is celebrating Pakistan Day with discounts on merchandise from its Fashion, Home Décor, Electronics, Books and other categories. Discounts range from item to item and more might be added before Pakistan Day.

Check out the deals here.


Easypay’s Pakistan Day discounts will be available throughout 23rd March. Customers will be able to choose from a wide range of items such as smartphones, home appliances, laptops, smart watches, tablets, cameras and much more at various online stores including Daraz, HomeShopping, Symbios and

In addition to store specific discounts, mentioned above, you will be able to avail additional discounts if you pay through EasyPay.

Deals will be unveiled at noon of 22nd March on Easypaisa’s Facebook page.

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