We Rose Up And Will Shine Forever!



The slogan was that much motivational for all students of APS that granted them that power of fightback that can never be seen. Indeed, most of them belong to those ironmen of Pakistan who are protecting their country and sacrificing their lives. The love for the country is that much immense which has no other example. The intensified love for protection of their motherland, our soldiers do not have a second thought for giving their today for our better and serene tomorrow.

Three years have passed, seasons changed, occasions passed, everything has occurred according to its timing, but the pain of 16th December 2014 still remains at its place. Nevertheless, a horrible massacre held on the piece of earth, when the flowers that were not bloomed, crushed brutally on the land of their own. The walls of the school painted with their blood, their books, classes, halls and even the furniture of school stained with the blood of innocent children who were busy in their studies or were planning for the bright future ahead. However, the butchers of humanity had other plans for those little buds. The malevolent inclination destroyed the happiness of 145 families, and the victim’s minds have not forgotten that horrifying attack which took away their happiness, serenity of their mind which can never be returned back.

Dear APS Martyrs,

We shall never forget you our Angels, we know that you are playing in the halls and corridors of Heaven and having a beautiful and eternal life there.
Nonetheless, we have not spared your murderers who snatched away your lives and happiness of your families. Your blood-soaked shoes gave shivers to our spine. You were the ones who paid the price for these wars who remains for a decade and we did not know when it is going to end. Your sacrifice gave us the power to dream, to rise and to shine and, most importantly you showed that our strength lies in unity.

We (Pakistanis) showed the entire world how to stay strong and never surrender to the evil souls that have inundated our land today, you are our heroes and we look up to all of you every day. You teach us the lesson of bravery as your fathers do on the battlefield. It’s a request from you all that Please pray to Allah that He should open eyes of everyone who are taking the sides of those barbarous people so that we might not collect the blood-stained books, chairs or shoes. The worth of human life is more than anything.

Sana Zehra is a Microbiologist and have keen interest in writing, a patriot and willing to be an aspiring writer.

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