Ride hailing App Careem launches its operations in Quetta


Balochistan, located on the intersection of the Middle East, Central Asia, and South Asia, has the potential of becoming a regional hub for trade in goods and energy, with its strategic location making it pivotal for all trade routes. While poor connectivity and access issues have hampered development so far, Balochistan’s potential can be realized through technology and economic development.

Careem aims to be the catalyst of growth for Balochistan and looks to create value for its people. The company has announced that it is launching its services in Quetta, the capital of Balochistan. Careem’s Go and Rickshaw categories will now be available to the citizens of Quetta and other vehicle categories to follow in the future.

Careem believes in inclusivity and is pleased to start operations in Quetta. People everywhere deserve a good system of transportation and through the launch of its services in Quetta, Careem aims to provide reliable, comfortable and affordable transport services to the locals, while creating respectable job opportunities for the people of the city.

The initiative will improve the living conditions of the people of the city, eventually aiding in the economic development of the city on a whole. Moreover, Careem believes the people of Quetta, caring and welcoming as they are, desire and merit a reputation change through participation in more projects that help the city grow. And Careem would like to initiate this for them.

Regarding this latest initiative of Careem Pakistan its Managing Director, Junaid Iqbal said, “We are proud to lead the way for Quetta’s growth and progress through this launch. We tailor our services to ensure we offer convenient options that have a meaningful impact on the local population of every city. Our launch in Quetta and similar cities is an endorsement of the same. We seek to revolutionize traveling and create jobs in as many places as possible.”

Quetta and other cities of Balochistan are in line for growth and Careem is proud to pave the way for it. With continuous expansion, Careem is setting in motion a new industry in Pakistan and several other countries. Careem looks to establish a reliable mode of transportation for its customers and create jobs in the process.


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