Responding Earthquake with Localized Emergency Cells


After the earthquake there was an outbreak of debate on social media about what the reasons of earthquake are and what was done on the part of government during the span of ten years after the last severe earthquake in October 2005.  So there are two discussions why the earth-quake occurred and what governments did in ten years?

There are people who are giving scientific explanation for this calamity and there are people with sick intellect who started blaming the victims. Those who are blaming victims have reactionary & superficial approach. And they mainly rely on stupid ideas of individualism. Such ideas of individualism are very common in our society just to blame the victim and rest is fine. Even those moderates sometimes react in very sick ways. Apart from scientific explanation which is also necessary for responding the calamity, it was the decree of Almighty Allah & the reason of this decree is unknown it can be a test. If Almighty Allah punishes on crimes of people in this world, plenty of places would have been ruined. Allah has created a system of test in this world & the system of accountability is on the day of judgement. Sometimes such tests become punishment as well. Our test starts now how we rehabilitate, facilitate the victims & prevent hazards in future.

We witnessed earthquake in October 2005. The emergency preparedness and response was zero at that time during Musharraf’s rule. I remember the chaos in the debris & destruction of Margalla Hills. The cranes & lifters arrived too late. People on their behalf used sledge hammers to get the buried out. I don’t feel there is any change today after ten years. In the period of ten years we should have had learned to create localized cells who can respond in the situation of emergency. The Seismologists know where the tectonic plates’ boundaries are and where there are chances of faults that can lead to earth-quakes. So have we made localized emergency responding cells, based on Seismologists’ recommendations in the afflicted areas?

The brave common folk and army on ground will do their best even today as they did in 2005, but where is our government and those sitting on ruling chairs? Where were the improved building regulations codes & its 100% compliance after the earth quake in 2005? Where is the Emergency Preparedness Response? What are the solid measures taken to deal with the victims? Where are the localized bodies to deal with such calamity? I could not retrieve the answer of my query in affirmation; central ineffective cell in Islamabad is not the answer of my question, perhaps a delusion.



Engr Waqas Imam is a freelance commentator; his opinions, letters and analyses had been published in various national news papers, blogs & magazines of Pakistan, Saudia Arabia, Bangladesh, & India. He can be contacted at his twitter headset @smwaqasimam

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