Resolution Day- Let’s make a resolution


The Two Nation Theory was the basis of the struggle for the creation of Pakistan which held that Hindus and Muslims are two separate Nations. They in spite of living together for centuries could not forget their individual cultures and civilization. Quaid-e –Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah said, “Muslims are not a minority, they are one nation by every definition of the word nation. By all canons of international law, we are a nation”. The Two Nation Theory means the cultural, political, religious, economic and social dissimilarities between the two major communities, Hindus and Muslims of the Sub Continent. These differences of outlook, in fact, were greatly instrumental in giving rise to two distinct political ideologies which were responsible for the partition of sub-continent into two independent states. Al-Beruni recorded his ideas in 1001 A.D in his famous book “Kitab-ul-Hind” as: “The Hindus society maintained this peculiar character over the centuries. The two societies, Hindus, and Muslims, like two streams, have sometimes touched but never merged, each following its separate course.” The Two nation theory is a basis of the creation of Pakistan because without this as a base, Pakistan would not come into being on 14th August 1947, and we would not be breathing freely in this open air of Pakistan.

In 1940 a Resolution was passed at Lahore for the independence of Muslims of Subcontinent and an Independent Country to get. Mr. Jinnah led the Movement and Pakistan appeared on the world map in 14th August 1947, and become the first Islamic ideological state of the modern times. Unlike the non-ideological states, it was not established due to any geographical conflict or territorial domination by a group of people. Pakistan is an ideological state established in the name of Islam. We have to recall and remember the commitments which we did on that day. Need Justice, Equality, Loyalty and Zero tolerance against fraud and Corruption.

It is a day of commitment. Let’s make some small resolutions and create a big influence. Let’s make a resolution in this historic day of fulfilling and carry forward the prophecy held today more than half a century ago. Our ancestors had given us a free place where everyone could preach their religion freely. It should be our aim for making better and greater Pakistan for our upcoming generations alike to our ancestors. I want to see a Pakistan a safe place where every child, every woman feel secure. I want to see a Pakistan where Justice should be served. I want to see a Pakistan where there should be same law for potent and feeble. I want to see a Pakistan where every citizen should realize his duties and perform his civic duties honestly.

Let’s make a resolution, we will choose our leaders carefully. We will not sell our vote at any cost. Let’s make a resolution we will not throw anything on floor, grounds or roads. We will use dustbins for this purpose. Neat and clean Pakistan should be our target. We should try to improve ourselves but most people in Pakistan criticize the system, but they don’t know people make the system when we don’t perform our duties with honesty how can we hope that system will run smoothly. Pakistan is our dear homeland; it is our duty to work for the welfare of its citizens. We should obey its Law’s, and traffic rules. We should work for the progress and betterment of Pakistan. We should be vigilant and avoid being a part of any terrorist and extremist organization. We should cooperate with law enforcement agencies to combat terrorism. After the famous Pakistan Resolution on 23 March 1940, another commitment, now by Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa, to cure our Pakistan of the disease of terrorism and hate-spreaders on the occasion of celebrations of 23 March in 2018. The resolution is to be true to ourselves & our motherland.

Our country needs all of us, our country needs our energy, Passion and hard work. Don’t leave your country for some money or some personal benefits. Be Pakistani and Love Pakistani. I want to see my country clean, educated and corruption free. May our beloved Pakistan be safe from all evils.

Khuda Karay Kay Meri Arz-e-Pak Pay Utray
Wo Fasl-e-Gul Jissay Andesha-e-Zawal Na Ho

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