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More than two months have been passed since the horrendous act of Modi government to revoke article 370 which maintained a special status of Indian Occupied Kashmir for more than seven decades. This revocation didn’t come alone; it came with another long episode of curfew which is being imposed since then.  However, curfew is not a new thing for Indian Occupied Kashmir, the people of IOK have been living in a curfew like situation since 1948. But this time, the world has been shaken, the world is finally interested in what is happening to people in Indian Occupied Kashmir. Because this time, they have no food to eat, no medicine for the ill and no internet and phone signals to communicate with the outside world. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, did not forget to mention the so called “Islamic terrorism” and how it is a threat to world in the United Nations General Assembly but he did forget what is happening within India under the cover of BJP by the Hindu extremist group RSS. But it will be unfair to blame Modi alone in this situation, as this narrative of “Islamic terrorism” is not only being sold by Modi but almost all world leaders are the advocate of this narrative and surprisingly it is being accepted by the world. I will not shy away in saying that world has encouraged Indian government in maintaining the war like situation in Indian Occupied Kashmir. Just like they had the options to intervene on humanitarian grounds in Kosovo, Bosnia, Sierra Leone, Bosnia, Somalia and Iraq in 1990’s, they have had options to intervene in Kashmir as well.

The Rwandan genocide happened in 1994 but the world’s great powers chose not to intervene. Similarly, the world has an option to intervene in crisis like situation today in South Asia but they are choosing not to intervene because of their larger vested interests. Remember in 1994, in the same Rwandan genocide, the great powers clearly stated that their economic conditions do not let them engage in any kind of war, which ultimately gave a signal to the perpetrators of genocide a signal to do whatever they want. Similarly, Modi had been warmly welcomed in the United States in the post curfew situation, which tells a lot about the world’s greatest power’s interest. The US intervened in Iraq and Afghanistan almost at the same time, the war on terror in Afghanistan and the humanitarian intervention in Iraq, these two wars were fought by putting the economy of US at risk, but US chose to fight these wars. Was it humanitarian intervention or some other hidden interests of US in Iraq and Afghanistan? If it was humanitarian intervention, then Mr. Prime Minister Imran Khan has aptly asked in his UNGA speech, Are we children of lesser God? Secondly, if there are other interests and agendas involved, as the realist school of thought supports, then the concept of humanitarian intervention in nothing but a bluff.

United Nations has published two reports on the situation of human rights in Indian Occupied Kashmir and Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan. But India rejected the report right away and called it “fallacious, tendentious and motivated”. The irony is the report mentioned severe human rights violations including pellet guns, detention, torture, the stories of half widows and what not, and on the other hand it mentioned few cases on grounds of freedom of speech, which cannot be considered equivalent to the mass human rights violations in Indian Occupied Kashmir. But one thing that has remained consistent, whether it was the martyrdom of Burhan Wani, Insha Mushtaq was being blinded, the post Pulwama crisis between Pakistan and India or a lockdown for more than two months, the international community remained silent as if nothing is happening in this part of the world.

Kashmiris have been fighting for their freedom and reunification with the disputed territory since long. There are various human stories that calls for the humanitarian intervention, to protect the civilians from the cruelty of Indian government but unfortunately, the world has gone deaf in case of Kashmir. The world doesn’t see a merely two years old being shot by the pellet guns, a father who hasn’t returned to his home since long and no one is sure whether he will return or not, whether he is dead or alive, a young boy whose mental health is at stake. If this was the case in any of the first world countries, the world would have intervened ages ago.

The world fears a nuclear war between Pakistan and India, and has played a vital role in “crisis management” time and again. But crisis management is not the resolution which is the need of hour. The world doesn’t put any effort in resolving the Kashmir dispute, although one reason was the Shimla agreement but India itself has violated the agreement, and Pakistan is reviewing all the agreements with India. So the question of Shimla agreement must not be put under light anymore. Kashmir requires resolution on the basis of United Nations Security Council Resolutions, otherwise South Asia will always remain the most militarized zone of the world with two nuclear powers projecting threat to each other. The recent session of UNGA has put Kashmir under focus and human rights activist, politicians, journalists and academicians are condemning the situation in IOK, it is the right time for the international community to put pressure on India, otherwise, if the brutality of Indian government continues, God forbids, IOK will soon become another Palestine.

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  1. Well written.

    India has put all kinds of obstacles to silence the attrocities in Kashmir and failed.

    Imran Khan has relentlessly championed the cause of his Kashmiri brethren and the world is aware.

    India now seeks to pre-occupy Imran Khan by funding unrest inside Pakidtan or at the border and this too will fail.

    Pakistan has knocked on every door and while the world is pro Kashmiri it falls short of outright condemnation of Indian brutal oppression. The world cares more about their financial interests as opposed to the suffering of a beautiful people and the destruction of the most beautiful region in the world.

    The world can not divide Azad Kashmiris from the Kashmiris in detention under Indian Occupation. Kashmiris are much loved across the region and angers are at boiling point.

    As the Indians begin to martyr the Kashmiris, Azad Kashmiris, Pashtuns, Sindhis, Muslims from Across Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East and far away will.not be able to stop and will cross the Line of Control.

    It will not be terrorism as India will cry out! But defence of the defenceless, self determination of the voiceless.

    India has zero chance of winning an armed struggle with Muslims from across the Muslim world and the might of the Pakistani Army.

    Pakistan Army is a professional army and will fight hard and maturely but having right wing nationalists who go to extraordinary length to kill Pakistanis and dismantle Pakistan are NOT to be trusted with Nuclear Weapons.

    A nuclear war or a short conflict in this region served nobody’s interest but a Muslim is a slave to nobody but Allah SWT. A muslim will fight for his freedom to the very end and when the call for a noble struggle is announced in across the Muslim world to defend the honour of Kashmiris and Kashmiris sisters then the repercussions will send trembles across the Hinduvta and RSS Hindu Extremists who in turn will increase their veracity and ferocity of brazen attacks on the Kashmiris.

    India will never see Kashmir again but the India as you know it today will no longer exist. The fragile Indian union will crumble much quicker than the Soviet union. Many new small countries will emerge and it’s a scenario that RSS Hindutva influenced BJP can not accept and will go to any length to increase the Indian union not loose it.

    It has the highest probability for a Nuclear Flashpoint unless the world powers step in and confiscate Indian Nuclears or certainly remove them from the hands of a mad man like Modi.

    Muslims are not phased by the threat of Nuclear they will fight for justice and die trying until Kashmir is liberated. The Muslim fate is already written as is the fate of the world, they will be but acting on Gods will even into the churches of a Nuclear Armed Nation with mad men at the helm, the Muslim will accept this death if it’s in honour of Kashmir.

    The target of a Nuclear attack will be Pakistan and what does Pakistan possess! An ability for second third and fourth attack.

    There will be no sub continent but Lailaha ilAllah will remain across the Muslim world.

    Islam will remain but Hinduism will no longer exist and this is the reality these Fascist Hindus need to understand.

    Colonial hangovers must end and peace and harmony needs to be pursued and India needs to understand this is not the fledgling Pakistan of 47, 65 or conventionally weaker of 71. This is conventionally strong Pakistan and Nuclear armed Pakistan whose love for Kashmir is not obsessive compulsion but that of a Fsther to a son.

    Lahore make up of 60% of Kashmiri descent. Kashmiris are people of the Indus and related to Pashtuns Punjabis Sindhis and Balochis through language ethnicity geography history and religion. Kashmiris ARE Pakistan because Pakistan is the Indus Valley Civilisation and heir to the mighty Mughal Empire.

    I write this as an Azad Kashmir with complete faculties and senses in tact. My response to India is “You can NOT win the war, perhaps the battle but never the War and it will cost you your faith your Indian Union if you try” .

    “We know we will win and we will liberate Kashmir today tomorrow or the day after but you Indians need to focus and contemplate on what will happen to you and what kind of world you want to live in”

    I sincerely mean this and I know very well that Indians and prominent Indians visit this blog and read these messages.

    Read this that we want peace but never st the expense of Kashmir. We are Azad Kashmir and like the Kashmiris of Jammu and Kashmir we are Pakistanis and we will strive for Pakistan and we will live for Pakistan and we will die for Pakistan. There is something noble something celestial on how it came to being and how it survives decade after decade foiling the plots of her enemies. We are the best of friends and we are the most hospitable people but equally we fight hard to the very end.

    We hope sense prevails but it seems India under the RSS Hinditva sponsored BJP, they the Indians want to push us towards war and we are not afraid if that’s what it will take to liberate Kashmir.

    I hope sense prevails and the world intervenes and resotrs normalcy and autonomy to Jammu and Kashmir.

    As an Azad Kashmiri only I can advocate on behalf of Jammu and Kashmir because we are one and the same. We demand a free and fair referendum under a UN auspice or we demand our right to self defence under the Geneva Convention to forcibly remove India from Kashmir.

    • Typo ;

      of the world, they will be but acting on Gods will even into the churches of a Nuclear Armed Nation with mad men at the helm, the Muslim will accept this death if it’s in honour of Kashmir.

      Should read

      of the world, they will be but acting on Gods will even into means taking on a Nuclear Armed Nation with mad men at the helm, the Muslim will accept this death if it’s in honour of Kashmir….

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