Republicans fear US rivals could exploit ex-Afghan commandos


WASHINGTON: Former Afghan security staff with delicate information on US tasks abandoned by the American clearing activity are defenseless against enlistment or compulsion by Russia, China and Iran, Republican officials said on Sunday, noticing that President Joe Biden’s organization neglected to focus on emptying them.

“This is particularly obvious given reports that some previous Afghan military staff have escaped to Iran,” minority Republicans of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee said in a report on the principal commemoration of the Taliban takeover of Kabul.

The Biden organization, the report expressed, neglected to focus on clearing US-prepared Afghan commandos and other first class units in the shambolic Aug 14-30, 2021, US troop pullout and departure activity at Kabul worldwide air terminal.

Thirteen US troopers passed on and many US residents and a huge number of in danger Afghans were abandoned during the activity.

The organization considers the activity an “uncommon achievement” that flew in excess of 124,000 Americans and Afghans to somewhere safe and secure and ended up an “perpetual” battle in which approximately 3,500 US and unified troops, and a huge number of Afghans passed on.

Yet, many US-prepared commandos and other previous security faculty and their families stay in Afghanistan in the midst of reports the Taliban have been killing and tormenting previous Afghan authorities, charges the aggressors deny.

Those previous faculty “could be selected or constrained into working for one of Americas foes that keeps a presence in Afghanistan, including Russia, China, or Iran,” the Republican report said.

It considered that chance a “significant public safety risk” since those Afghans “know the US military and insight local area’s strategies, methods, and methodology.” Some US authorities and specialists say Biden has looked to continue on from Afghanistan without appropriately evaluating the conflict’s illustrations and without responsibility for the turbulent departure.

The Republican report married new subtleties of the extraction activity with legislative declaration and military and news reports to show how the organization superseded US commandants’ recommendation, neglected to sufficiently design and ignored the Taliban’s infringement of a 2020 pullout bargain.

In another finding, it said the organization held on until hours before the Taliban held onto Kabul to go with key clearing choices. They included requesting that different nations have travel habitats for large number of Afghan evacuees who worked for the US government during the 20-year American mediation and others in danger of Taliban revenge, said the report.

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