Religion Stays Straight – People Deviate


Religion in General is the way of living your life. A person spends or I would say try to spend his life in the way his religion asks him to. No religion in the world teaches its follower to be uncivilized. Every religion gives its followers a path that is supposed to be the best and most civilized and the person following a particular religion actually commits to follow the path it gives him or her. The errors we see in the followers is created by them or the people running the religion “the honored ones now days”. So religion plays an important role in our lives by knowing and following a religion one should know what is right or wrong for the civilization and it’s a fact that all religions in the world teach civilization.

Allama iqbal said,
The mullah’s and the mujahid’s azan,
The same in words, are apart in spirit.

There are many reasons why religions have played such a prominent role in defining the culture of a society, but arguably the most notable of these reasons is that a belief or faith in a spiritual or divine power can add meaning and significance to many people’s worldly lives.  This phenomenon has proven to be especially true amongst persecuted people. One of the reasons why persecuted people have shown a great propensity for holding steadfast religious beliefs is that their faith can give them a sense of hope and reason for living despite the terrible conditions of persecution.  Evidence of this can be seen in the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic societies.  All three of these societies have been subjected to varying forms of persecution at some point in their respective histories, and many historians have pointed to the group’s steadfast religious beliefs as one of the major sources for their resiliency.

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