Reject Imran’s Remarks: Nisar, Shahbaz Say Army is ‘Fully Capable’

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ISLAMABAD / LAHORE:  Imran Khan was criticised again on Friday for his recent statement when Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar and Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif met to discuss the ongoing peace talks with the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan.

In an interview to a private TV channel, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief had said that PM Nawaz told him, in the presence of the then Chief of Army Staff, that there is a 40 per cent chance of success in case of a military operation against the Taliban.

During Friday’s meeting, the interior minister maintained that there should be no misconception in anybody’s mind about the capability and the strength of the armed forces of Pakistan. This capability has been proven time and again, especially with the two recent examples of targeted operations in Swat and Waziristan.

The government is earnestly pursuing the dialogue process as a genuine peace option, however, the armed forces are fully geared, equipped and motivated to ensure the security of the country in any corner of Pakistan once it is given the go-ahead by the government, he said.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif lauded the sacrifices of the armed forces and said that not only the government but the people of Pakistan also have full confidence in their capability, professionalism and commitment. He said that any statement, which compromises or affects the morale or the fighting spirit of the armed forces should be avoided at all costs.

The two leaders also discussed the capacity building of the law-enforcement agencies in Punjab and called for a greater cooperation and coordination between the federal and provincial governments.

Imran’s statement also rebuked in Senate

Senate’s Leader of the House Raja Zafarul Haq, too, rejected the remarks made by PTI Chairman Imran Khan and clarified that a meeting among PM Nawaz‚ former army chief Ashfaq Parvez Kayani‚ the interior minister and the PTI Chairman was held before the start of the all parties conference (APC).

“PTI Chief Imran Khan misquoted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and former army chief Pervaiz Kayani while stating that there were 40% chances of success if an operation is started against militants,” he informed the Senate in response to a point of order, raised by Senator Raza Rabbani.

“I have got required information and reached the conclusion that statement of Imran Khan has no reality and is totally baseless. The PTI chief could not understand what the former army chief had said,” he added.

In the meeting, Zafarul Haq said, the former army chief had told Imran Khan that if the operation was launched by the government against militants, then 40% terrorism activities could be controlled immediately. The former army chief had also stated that the government should fully utilise the option of dialogue with militant groups.  “We have full confidence in Pakistan Army who is capable to fight extremism and aggression against country. Their determination cannot be called in question,” he added.

The Leader of the House acknowledged that besides the personnel, the officers of Armed Forces have also rendered valuable sacrifices in the war against terrorism and embraced martyrdom in line of duty.

Leader of the Opposition in the Senate Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan welcomed Zafarul Haq’s statement and said whole nation stands shoulder to shoulder with the Armed Forces in their fight against terrorism.


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  1. The drone attacks have greatly reduced yet Imran Khan’s friends are still attacking the military and innocent people with great force. This shows that the TTP in cahoots with foreign enemies of Pakistan were using the drones as a mere excuse to justify their violence.

    Talks are also continuing as is the violence by the very people with whom PTI wants to negotiate peace with. The TTP have made it clear that they want to implement their version of Sharia that will most likely be a return to the stone age.

    IK asks what will happen if military action fails, I ask what will happen if negotiations fail?? No one wants violence however the TTP seem eager for combat, let the military evacuate the region then kill all these foreign back terrorists once and for all. If IK wants to negotiate then he should do himself, the man’s logic is clearly flawed.

    Currently he wants offices to be opened for the terrorists, next he will be taking them sweets, samosa’s and cakes. PTI is more of an Imran Khan fan club then anything else where his supporters are blinded by their love for a former Cricketer.

    IK should concentrate on improving Pakistani Cricket, if he ever becomes the Pakistan PM will surely hand over Azaad Kashmir to India, after all he see’s the Kashmir dispute as a “misunderstanding” not a dispute. Hopefully, he will never be our prime minister.

    • Since Iran threatened to enter Pakistan territory, the ISI ensured that 23 FC soldiers are killed by TTP and talks are derailed so that Iran does not venture into Pakistan. Pakistan Army got an opportunity to bombard its own territories in Waziristan. I dont know if Pakistan is going to dogs or has already gone to dogs.

      • @idiot What a disgusting petulant conspiracy theorist you are?? i guess you have the evidence to prove your claim you disinformation creating indian cretin!

        Taliban claimed responsibility and on;y with an iron fist would they understand. As for iran no such threats were ever given so i dont know where you got that from, How does it feel to live on cloud cuckoo land??

    • Keep voting for Mota Nawaja and Zardari. You guys deserve everything what is happening to the country for voting corrupt idiots.

      The army has done operations in Swat, S. Waziristan and now North Waziristan. Whats next Karachi? or Quetta? Keep bombing different cities. Operations have been going on for 9 years and still no end to violence. Keep
      fighting for another 20 years but the final solution will be to talk.

      • @jatt Your one to talk why dont you worry about your country and let us worry about ours! You have over 700 000 troops in Kashmir making it the most militarized zone in the world and yet YOU DO NOT WANT TO TALK! you have given NO VOICE to the Kashmiri people

        The nexalite insurgency has spread to 18 provinces and yet the your government and army has no backbbone in eliminating them so you deal with your problems and we’ll deal with ours!

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