Recover deleted WhatsApp photos, messages, and audio in seconds!


The ability to recover deleted WhatsApp photos is definitely important, and while it’s not really possible to do so on iOS, but Android users who are comfortable jumping through a couple of hoops. Do the following steps to recover deleted information on WhatsApp:

  • The first option in which you can recover deleted WhatsApp photos is through an app called Notisave” which is a free notification monitoring app that reads all of the notifications you receive and save them for reading later. This app only works for text messages so any WhatsApp photos won’t be saved. Notisave has a small problem which is that it records all the other apps, causing your phone to save material that you might not be interested in saving as well.
  • The second option to recover deleted WhatsApp photos through another app called WhatsRemoved”. WhatsRemoved is specifically designed to recover deleted WhatsApp messages. It’s also a notification monitor app as well. The app will be able to recover deleted WhatsApp photos as well as any messages that you’ve sent or received, and can even go further and detect deletions before notifying you immediately as well. The app also supports audio messages and images, making it a one-stop shop for all of your recovery needs.

We know the ability to delete sent messages is an important one that greatly expands the privacy and utility of the WhatsApp. It’s always nice to have a safeguard if you unintentionally delete a message or want to recover deleted WhatsApp photos for any other reason.


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