RAW: The hidden hand of terror in Pakistan


It won’t be Major Shankar Ram roaming on Karachi streets trying to spot soft targets. Being far too expensive and indispensable for the Indian government, he is bound to remain within the comfort of his 40 billion dollar budgeted military barracks. Doing the dirty job for him would be the handful misguided and misinformed locals.

Indian defence minister Manohar Parrikar has finally cleared Pakistani doubts. Explicitly outlining Indian strategy of sponsoring problems for Pakistan, the minister has emphasized use of terrorism for this purpose. Mr Parrikar has reinstated the statement of Indian National Security Advisor Ajit Kumar Doval, wherein the later explained financing of terrorists by Indian intelligence agencies for employing them to the advantage of India. This shift in Indian defensive policy to an offensive defense is an indication of the destruction; South Asia is yet to see.

Deployed in Pakistan for several operations, Ajit Kumar Doval was apprehended several times on Pakistani soil for his dangerous activities by his Pakistani counterparts. This former spymaster admits Indian intelligence agencies’ role, both in successful and unsuccessful Indian operations in Pakistan. However, our some learned intellectuals under the shadow of their egoistic credentials are still in denial.

The question, that why R&AW has suddenly decided to instigate terror in Pakistan has been answered by a former R&AW officer, RK Yadav. The officer’s book “Mission R&AW” explains several Indian intelligence ventures undertaken by this infamous agency during different periods of history inside Pakistan. He very explicitly explains how R&AW created Mukti Bahini and subsequently financed it for creating unrest in Pakistan. This R&AW operation brought disaster of the highest order in Pakistan.


In his book, RK Yadav also explains R&AW’s interference in Pakistani politics. ANP’s Wali Khan approached Indian government for support in the party’s various anti-Pakistan campaigns. R&AW left no stone unturned to go all out in his support. Owing to strict vigilance placed on this individual during his frequent visits to UK, R&AW agents had to meet him in Sweden to hand over their “support”. Wali Khan also acquired the unique dishonor of receiving India’s highest civil award “Bharat Ratna” on behalf of his father Bacha Khan. Incidentally ANP is currently the strongest opponent to creation of new dams in the power starved Pakistan and is leading the current campaign of making China Pakistan Economic Corridor controversial.

Former Indian Army Chief General VK Singh in his biography titled “Courage and Conviction” also spill the beans of nefarious Indian intelligence activities inside Pakistan. In the book he talks about how Indian Army soldiers were tasked to shed their uniforms and infiltrate into East Pakistan to support terror activities of Mukti Bahini. The General is also described by Indian media as the mastermind of a special Indian intelligence cell named “Technical Support Division” which was created specifically to carry out terror activities inside Pakistan. The cell, however, was later disbanded for overstepping its mandate.


In another embarrassment to Indian government and intelligence agencies, former US Secretary of Defence Chuck Hagel has also very overtly stated that India has been financing problems for Pakistan through Afghanistan. The several Indian consulates located near Af-Pak border are believed to be pumping TTP elements into Pakistan that have caused country wide bloodshed including the brutal Peshawar school attack.

After the 1971 debacle, Pakistan initiated aggressive steps to bring the house in order. Intelligence setup was revamped and Indian interference was curtailed to the minimum. Pakistani intelligence agencies continued to neutralize Indian assets in Pakistan till 9/11 that brought a dawn of new challenges. India took new killing fields under the garb of religiously motivated terrorists who, in the words of India’s National Security advisor, were mere mercenaries. Focused in their role of eliminating terrorism, Pakistan’s Law Enforcement Agencies avoided the public blame game. But now during the consolidation of the decisive Operation Zarb-e-Azb, Pakistan has decided to name, shame and tame the perpetrator of terror: R&AW.

The very fact that R&AW is India’s external intelligence agency dispels the notion that it is not involved in activities inside Pakistan. Accounts of former R&AW agents and Indian Army officers are testimonies to their deadly activities in India’s neighborhood in general and Pakistan in specific. With the Chinese government’s latest caution to Pakistan against R&AW’s plans of sabotaging the Economic Corridor, Pakistan now needs to tackle its Eastern neighbor and finally put an end to the menace that has taken up thousands of Pakistani lives.

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  1. So when the Indian Defense minister says we should use terrorists to kill terrorists, pakistan by saying this is against them confirm that they are terrorists? Haha! pakis are dumber than we thought

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