Raw, Mossad, NDS behind terrorism in Pakistan



LAHORE – Intelligence agencies of India, Afghanistan and Israel are involved in terrorist activities in various parts of Pakistan.

Reliable sources told WAQT NEWS on Saturday that in Karachi mostly Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) of India was involved in killings. In Balochistan, RAW and Afghan intelligence agency, NDS, have joined hands to encourage separatists. At a broader level, it becomes a troika with Mossad as its third wing.

Daily killings in Karachi have become a serious challenge to the government and the steps taken by it so far have failed to bridle the criminals. “The security agencies have the evidence of RAW’s involvement in Karachi terrorist activities,” said the sources.

According to them, after committing heinous acts, terrorists go to the RAW offices along the Afghan border, show the videos to the officials, collect money from them and get directions for further operations. Evidence about the RAW providing millions of dollars to such elements is available with the Pakistan Intelligence agencies.

The RAW, in collaboration with Afghan intelligence agency, NDS, is also actively providing covert financial and weapon support to Baloch militant groups, Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), Baloch Republican Army (BRA) and Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF), for terrorist activities in the province. These outfits are pursuing the separatist agenda and are responsible for playing havoc with the province. “Irrefutable evidence” suggests that Baloch militants are being harboured at various places and training camps located at Kabul, Nimroz and Kandahar in Afghanistan by RAW in collaboration with NDS since 2006.

RAW is also providing sustained financial and monetary support to Baloch feudalists and militants, both in Afghanistan and Balochistan. Besides, RAW, with the complete support and patronage of Afghan authorities, is also providing arms and ammunition to Baloch militants for terrorist activities inside Pakistan. Sources privy to the situation also claim they have evidences that RAW is involved in providing fake identity and travel documents to Baloch militants for moving out of Afghanistan to India, UAE and Western countries.

“It is arranging visits of Baloch sub nationalists and militants to India for training purposes. In this regard, RAW arranged a visit of Riaz Gull Bugti (a leading militant commander of Brahamdagh Bugti) to India in September 2009, where he was trained by RAW for terrorist activities. In order to overcome the linguistic problems, RAW is also arranging Balochi language courses in India for Afghan intelligence operatives through Baloch instructors so that their expertise could be utilised to intensify terrorist activities in the province.

RAW, in collaboration with prominent Baloch sub-nationalists round the globe, is also persistently utilising various international forums, NGOs and think-tank organisations like United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to malign Pakistan through arranging stage events such as preplanned anti-Pakistan interventions, media briefings, protests and demonstrations. “Their convergence, facilitation and media coverage is managed and funded by RAW and other agencies through their operatives.

Tarek Fateh, a Canada-based political activist and sympathiser of Baloch sub-nationalists, after spitting venom against Pakistan during the UNHRC 22nd session at Geneva in February this year, visited India on RAW’s sponsorship for future directions. He also held one-and-one meetings with RAW ex senior officers, Vikram Sood and AS Daulat.

According to the sources, the close relatives and friends of Hakim Ullah Mehsud, Maulana Fazlullah, frequently visits Afghanistan to meet RAW officers under diplomatic cover in their embassy and consulates, and collects money for terrorist activities in Pakistan.

The Swat militants are being harboured in camps in the areas of Kunar and Nuristan. They are imparted training and given weapons for organised militant actions against Pakistan’s regular and civil armed forces in FATA areas. Maulana Fazlullah and his commanders openly travel in Afghanistan and visit Indian Embassy/consulates, RAW and NDS offices as if Afghanistan were their hometown.
RAW and Mossad are also preparing plans against the nuclear installations of Pakistan.


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  1. Finally…. after months of no CIA RAW MOSSAD articles. PKKH never disappoints.

    PS : Indian Visas haven’t been hand-written since 2004. Just for future reference when you plan to photoshop fakes.

      • Ignore that last comment. I misunderstood what was said and i apologize. In any case though there is no need to photoshop when it has already been admitted that raw is one of the agencies supporting these terrorists

  2. The story is really making scence about the current situation. But how about our intellegence agencies, why can’t they prevent such conspiracies? what are they waiting for, they’ve the support of 180 ML peoples. tehy should take care of them….then we could revive our position.

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  4. Maybe all of them or some of them are actively involved, but why blame them?? It is us Pakistanis who for money sell their soul, mothers, and patriotism to these agencies and commence destruction and kill innocent people. It is we, we Pakistanis who take money and plant IEDs and bombs, prepare suicide bombers who kill in mosques, schools, markets and target kill people of separate sects to start a religious war. How then we blame these agencies?? and not blame us, our police, administration and security agencies. Why is it so that our customs, border patrol and protectors, who are responsible to protect and seal our borders, take money from these agencies and sell their motherland. They are our key and main enemies of my country, my Pakistan. They must, it is a MUST, they be executed and done with urgently. Only my Armed Forces can do it, not these CORRUPT POLITICIANS who just want to steal money and make industry and property overseas, in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, London and USA. It is these corrupt sons of my country who should be executed and disposed off. Only then my country be cleansed from this filth and trash of gutters.

  5. hey raw does all that, i thought they were a bunch of nimcomcoops,who statched money in swiss bank ,sell the country to the americans
    thanks pkkh, you have made made me proud that raw is doing its job,keep up with the good news

  6. India is price winner and taker.though we do not know in this high tech advanced generation of war what kind of enemy we are facing. What bio chip or sophosticated technology the CIA , RAW MOSSAD RUSSIANS use to control and brainwash these afghans ane balochs.and what kind of technology they are using to eavesdrop each of our internet traffic.i think no matter how much they want to make us despair n our people loose hopes.and vanish pakistan from map.but one thing is for sure doing suicide bomb in ramazan INDIA USA ISRAEL will never succed but Allah will surely make these mindless ruthless butchers suffer into their own traps.for raping innocent kashmiriea palestinians bosnians burmies.inshaAllah. Allah will protect all muslim umat.the haters and cruel will dig their own grave.in the end their dirty works will not help them.they make this world for innocent people hell.but in the end their hidden dirty works will make their after life hell.ameen

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