RAW Agent caught in Pakistan territory


Indian spy agency RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) have been interfering in Pakistan for decades and behind several chaos and unrest in Pakistan, although it’s sectarian violence, bomb blasts etc. Their motto is to destabilize and thwart Pakistan at any cost. Pakistani government and security forces nabbed several RAW agents from different regions who have been involved in several conspiracies against Pakistan, like Sarabajit Singh, Ravindra Kaushik, at first India disowned them as their agent. But Sarabajit Singh was buried with their flag and tribute with firing of guns.

On Thursday 24th March, 2016 The Law Enforcement Agencies of Pakistan arrested an Indian premier agency (RAW)’s serving officer from Balochistan, Pak-Afghan border where he was working with insurgents. The real name of Indian spy is “Kul Bhushan Yadav” an undercover agent of India. According to the details of interrogations issued by Interior Ministry, Bhushan – bearing Indian Navy ID 41588Z – had been working for RAW since 2013. He had a passport on which his name appeared as ‘Hussain Mubarak Patel’ (undercover name) and he was issued an Iranian visa on it.

Interior Ministry issued further interrogations by which:
– He commissioned on 1st January,1991 in Engineering department of Indian Navy.

-Yadav joined Indian Naval Intelligence in 2001.

-His Indian Navy passport was issued on 12thMay, 2014.

– Indian spy enters in Baluchistan by route of Iran and he’s continuously in contact with Haji Baloch.

– India admits Yadav as their Naval Officer but as expected denies him as RAW agent.

– He was in contact with Baloch separatists and involved in spreading sectarian violence in Karachi and Baluchistan and in several terrorism acts.

– India claims that Jhadav   is a retired officer but he did “not” take early retirement. He is a “serving officer”.

Chief Minister of Balochistan- Sarfaraz Bugti said:
” Bhushan was working for Indian spy agency, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), and was in contact with Baloch separatists and terrorists fuelling sectarian violence in the province.”

“The Indian spy was involved in financially supporting terrorists and also confessed to his involvement in Karachi unrest,” Bugti added.

Bhushan used local people in carrying out several terrorist activities and was conspiring to separate Balochistan and Karachi from the rest of Pakistan. He was earlier deputed to Chabahar Iranian port then he entered in Balochistan.

He was working as training commander for Baloch separatist leader Dr Allah Nazar Baloch and also used fake name like Mubarak Hussain, Hasan Baloch and Imdad Ullah. He also helped in Baloch separatist in moving to Afghanistan.

Pakistan has long been blaming India for fomenting insurgency and violence in Baluchistan and Karachi. Last year in September, three dossiers containing proof of Indian involvement in terrorist activities in Pakistan were also handed over to the United Nations. However, as expected India denied the blame from Pakistan and India isn’t interested in destabilizing Pakistan and wants a peaceful Pakistan.

India first denied accepting Bhushan Yadav as their official but now they accepted him as their Navy officer but not having links with him.
A statement issued by New Delhi denied having any links with the arrested individual and said “he was no longer a serving official of the Indian armed forces”.

“The arrested man is a former Indian Navy officer,” the Indian Foreign Office was quoted as saying.
Meanwhile, another statement India gave that:” The accused spy’s house address that Pakistani govt. provided is the address of ACP of Mumbai but we are further investigating about it.”

Bhushan Yadav also confesses that he was trying to harm Pak-China Economic Corridor which will transform the economy of Pakistan and help bridge Pakistan’s power shortfall. Apart from this Former D.G. ISI Ahmed Shuja Pasha in 2010 narrated:

“Russia, India and U.A.E. are behind the unrest in Baluchistan because if Gawadar port completed and functional, Dubai will face extreme loss which can never be estimated.”

Indian National Security Adviser – Ajit Doval once said:

“If India suffers from any kind of terrorism act; so Baluchistan will got separated from Pakistan.”
“Latif Ullah Mahsud” has already claimed that India is training and financing the terrorists and spreading terrorism in Pakistan. Ajit Doval admitted.

And, yet Indian spy arrested from Chaman area. Pakistan have solid evidences about the involvement of Indian spy agency RAW in spreading the insurgency in Pakistan especially in Baluchistan and Karachi and own a strong network of militants in Baluchistan. Besides, the accused agent was also spreading his network in Punjab. These are among the reasons behind the chaos and unrest in Baluchistan and in Karachi as well. Now Pakistan caught a serving Indian Navy Officer and RAW agent from Baluchistan.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani also visited Pakistan for two days and had meetings with PM Nawaz Sharif and COAS General Raheel Sharif.
General Raheel Sharif raised the issue of RAW involvement in front of Hasan Rouhani and other internal affairs.
Pakistan has had reservations regarding India’s close ties with Iran, particularly the cooperation in regards to Chabahar Port.
Although, not many were combining it to the timing of disclosure about Yadav’s arrest with President Rouhani’s trip, but the interior minister pointed on about that possibility as well.

“We will ask Iran for assistance in probing the matter,” Chaudhry Nisar said.

Sana Zehra is a Microbiologist and have keen interest in writing, a patriot and willing to be an aspiring writer.

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  1. Indians Proprietors of Terrorism, Not its Victims!
    It is indeed an open secret that Indians use terrorism as their state policy to bleed other countries especially Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Afghanistan. The creation of infamous terror organizations such as Mukti-Bahini in former East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), LTTE in Sri Lanka, and TTP in FATA represent just the tip of a filthy iceberg of terrorism meticulously created, supported, and used by RAW – a disgraced and failed agency that excels only in using terrorism against innocent civilians within and outside India. These terror organizations resorted, rather crafted and introduced, the most nefarious, evil, and virulent terror techniques – including suicide attacks, which were learned from sick minded slumdogs of RAW. And it is not the first time that Hindu terrorists have been caught red-handed on Pak soil. However, this is the first time that such a top mastermind slumdog has been nabbed. No , no; don’t get mistaken. He is merely a ‘high ranking’ terror mastermind. If you connect the dots, you’ll then realize the meanings of Indian defense and interior ministers’ threatening statements to teach Pakistan a lesson (by bleeding through terror strikes) at a time and place of their own choice. The terror masterminds are Indian political leaders sitting the Indian cabinet. Using terrorism is a well calibrated state policy of slumdogs.
    The apprehended Hindu terror mastermind – having a face like a dead donkey – is in fact a serving officer in Indian Navy currently deputed into RAW. He was dispatched to Iranian port of Chabahar as a cover but he was actually organizing terror cells in Balochistan, Karachi, and FATA. He masterminded numerous terror attacks inside Pakistan. Tens of thousands innocent civilians have lost their lives in the terror strikes organized by RAW. One can hope that this animal will spill the real beans that will be used to bust similar slumdog terror masterminds. He had held numerous meetings with terrorists in Pakistan and it’s our government responsibility to bring those idiots to justice too.
    While slumdogs habitually keep moaning and crying as a victim of terrorism, ISI has netted this slumdog red handed. As a side point, a serving officer of such a high rank getting caught red-handed in the host country is a deep humiliation for any professional intelligence agency. But that’s the RAW – never saw such a raw and stupid agency in world. Look at their stupidity while selecting one of his major cover names – Hussain Mubarak – close to the US president’s name. Slumdogs would have denied the deployment and arrest of this agent had Pakistan not made his identity and travel documents public. Now they are claiming the subject a retired IN officer (in fact, IN Intelligence Directorate) but still denying his deployment in Chabahar as cover and his terror activities in Pakistan. Indians have in past denied the existence of other apprehended slumdog terrorists even though those terrorists proudly claimed being RAW agent after arriving in India after serving jail terms in Pakistan. So don’t get surprised by fancy stories and more lies from slumdogs regarding the latest hunting by the ISI. but just wait; world will soon see more documentary proof of his link with Indian state and slumdog political leadership.
    Pakistan needs to expose the ugly face of slumdogs to the world community. It is high time to grill the caught animal on how Ajmal Kasab was recruited and sent to India and how the RAW supplied SIM cards were smuggled into Pakistan and provided to Kasab & company. Since RAW has bled this nation for long now, no one knows how many more similar terror mastermind slumdogs are active in Pakistan. But this one must get capital punishment for killing scores of innocent Pakistanis in the terror strikes. If slumdogs can hang a trapped Kasab, this Hindu devil is the real murderer who must meet it sorrowful demise through gallows.

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