A rare treasure vault; Reviving the spirit of Patriotism


“We are all doing this to make our young generation realize that they should be proud to be Pakistanis. Pakistan Military history is full of unsung heroes and we want to bring them in the limelight. Our young generation needs to know our glorious past”, says the team of ‘Our heroes need their identity back’.

It is a page on Facebook that is working specially for the youth of Pakistan, who have forgotten their past and the sacrifices of those who are the defenders of this country. This page was initiated in 2010 and in the span of almost six years, it has achieved a lot. The think tank behind this page consists of seven members from  non-military background. Although being representatives of various segments of the society,these members came together for one common purpose; preserve our history and give salutations to the unsung heroes. The members include, Umer Akhtar ( Founder /Research/ media ),  Abdul Wahab Latif ( Co-founder /data backup / marketing ),Umair Kayani ( Research/ Editorial ),  Badar Masood ( Research/Editorial), Ali Waqar ( Marketing), Zainub Khan( Marketing) and  Muhammad Raheel ( Media Affairs) .

In today’s world, where selfless efforts are rather scarce, these individuals give their dedicated time and energies to uplift this cause. This page has a collection of rare media content including photographs and videos, out of which some are historic and valuable treasures of Pakistan military. It also contains original newspapers of 1948, 1965 and even 1971. It has unseen pictures of the wars that Pakistan fought with full valor, real stories of our martyred heroes and about their families and how they are surviving after their loss. This page has served a lot and won many hearts. It is the proof of their sincere efforts that family members of many Shuhadas are following their page and appreciates them for its cause. The team gives due credits and salutations to the heroes’ families as well.It has over 21,304 likes with ever increasing numbers.

It’s noteworthy to mention here, that this page has emerged without any support from the relevant department like the photos and different information is not given by any concerned authority. It is there on the page because of the untiring efforts and research of the dedicated team. Their struggle can’t be overlooked.

As Charles de Lint said, “Every time you do a good deed you shine the light a little farther into the dark. And the thing is, when you’re gone that light is going to keep shining on, pushing the shadows back.” Same is the case with the team of this remarkable effort.

This page has ignited a light through their devoted efforts and the members are also the heroes of the nation.

Namra Aftab is a student of Mass Communication at Karachi University, wanabe a news reporter. Can be reached at namraaftab8@gmail.com and tweets at @namraaftab

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  1. You guys are doing an amazing job. Cheers to my husband Umair Kayani who takes time out from his very busy schedule to tend to this page!
    I see you people going places inshAllah. Cheers.

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