Ramiz Raja’s cricket regime is no longer in place: Najam Sethi


ISLAMABAD: Najam Sethi, a candidate for chairman, declared that the “cricket regime headed by Ramiz Raja is no longer” following the PCB’s constitution’s dissolution.

“Ramiz Raja’s cricket regime is no longer in place. “Sethi tweeted that the PCB constitution of 2014 has been reinstated.”

The management committee he is leading will “work tirelessly” to revive first-class cricket, according to the former PCB chairman.

“The employment of thousands of cricketers will resume. Sethi asserted, “The famine in cricket will end.”

The tweet came after the Pakistan Muslim Association Nawaz (PML-N) drove government comprised a 14-part board of trustees to assume control over the working of PCB for 120 days prior to leading decisions under the 2014 constitution.

The federal cabinet has approved the circulated restoration of the 2014 constitution.

The CEO’s office has been eliminated as a result of the changes, and departmental cricket has been reinstated in the country.

Najam Sethi (Chairman), Shakil Sheikh, Gul Zada, Aized Syed, Tanvir Ahmed, Gul Muhammad Kakar, Ayaz Butt, Nauman Butt, Shahid Afridi, Shafqat Rana, Haroon Rashid, Sana Mir, Mustafa Ramday, and Chaudhry Arif Saeed are all members of the government-mandated committee.

The PCB’s affairs will be streamlined by the management committee for at least 120 days before the elections are held in accordance with the 2014 PCB constitution, which has been reviewed by the Ministry of Law with a few minor modifications.

PCB Constitution 2019

The PCB’s 2019 Constitution, which was implemented by former chairman Ehsan Mani, prohibits the prime minister from removing the board’s current chairman. Instead, only a vote of no confidence supported by a three-fourths majority of the board can remove the PCB chief.

In 2018, when Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan took over as PM, Sethi resigned, and Mani took over. Ramiz Raja assumed control of the board after Mani refused an extension last year after completing his three-year term.

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