Rameez Raja recounts tale of secret 1992 World Cup huddle that Imran wasn’t aware of


Rameez Raja showered praise on his former skipper in a recent interview with Geo Super’s Waheed Khan and advised people “don’t write him off in politics”.

During the interview, which was recorded on April 4, Raja even went on to describe Khan as a “Jannati Aadmi” ( a person who would go to paradise) for building Shaukat Khanum Hospital.

“As far as politics is concerned you can disagree with him, agree with him, whatever you want,” said he.

Recounting Pakistan’s World Cup history in 1992, he told the host an interesting story about a secret huddle in the wake of team’s dismal performance in the tournament and Khan’s claim that green-shirts will win because his hospital had to be built.

The commentator said Waseem Akram, Saleem Malik, Javed Miandad and he agreed in the meeting that, “Captain is mentally disturbed,he is not in his senses because we are losing and still he says we will win”.

He said Khan was so driven by his hospital that other team members failed to grasp it.

Rameez Raja said Khan was a lucky man who could capitalize on the mistakes of his opponents, advising people not to write him off.


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