Railways offers 20pc discount in Ramazan


LAHORE: Commuters opting to travel in all classes of all express, passenger and mail trains will get 20 per cent concession in fares during the first 20 days of Ramazan.

Under the Ramazan Package announced on a directive of Minister for Railways Khwaja Saad Rafique, the concession would be applicable to tickets booked in advance, said a spokesperson on Tuesday.

Another special package will also be offered to commuters during Eidul Fitr days.

Security for installations unveiled

Meanwhile, Pakistan Railways Chief Executive Officer Abdul Hameed Razi said commuters have been offered concession in train fares on at least two dozen occasions during the last five years.

SECURITY PLAN: Railways Police IG Dr Mujibur Rahman has directed that foolproof security arrangements should be in place at railway stations, trains and other installations.

Presiding over a meeting at his office on Tuesday, the IG directed all the SPs to deploy maximum personnel at railway stations, trains, mosques, especially during Sehr, Iftar and Taraveeh.

No platform should be left unattended and beggars should not be allowed to roam there, said the IG while directing his subordinates to keep a vigil on all passengers without disturbing anyone.

All entry and exit points to the railway installations should be properly manned and incoming passengers and their luggage be checked with metal detectors at railway stations.

Meanwhile, the railways police started deploying commandos at every major railway station and enhanced the number of plainclothesmen in the moving trains from six to 10.

Maximum number of the railway police staff was being deputed for the protection of railway key points and vital installations as well as in trains by withdrawing them from unimportant duties.

Patrol by the railways policemen is being regularly conducted within the area of the railway police jurisdiction.

A joint trolley patrol with railways officials is being undertaken while pilot engines are also being run ahead of main trains in the affected areas to avert any untoward incident.

The railway police would regularly check the patrolling being conducted by the gang men. Meetings with the district police have been held to ensure patrolling along the track by the police outside the outer signals.

Proper sweeping of all rakes is being carried out at the washing lines before dispatching them to railway stations.


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