Qureshi leaves for four-country visit to talk about Afghan circumstance


ISLAMABAD: As a component of Pakistan’s endeavors for a comprehensive political settlement in Afghanistan, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi left on Tuesday for a little while to Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Iran.

As per an assertion gave by the Foreign Office, during his visit the unfamiliar pastor will share Pakistan’s point of view on the most recent advancements in Afghanistan.

Pakistan accepts that the adjoining nations enjoy a stake in the harmony, security and soundness of Afghanistan and the district. Arrange intimately with the neighbors to address normal difficulties and advance shared objectives of harmony, security, soundness and local network.

In the reciprocal setting, the unfamiliar priest’s visit to these nations will expand on the new undeniable level trades to additionally heighten close relations. Pakistan wants to additionally extend and expand its diverse participation with these accomplices.

The visit would likewise assist with advancing a planned local methodology just as reinforce Pakistan’s commitment with Central and West Asia, said the articulation.

In the interim, Foreign Minister Qureshi got a call from Foreign Minister of Australia Marise Payne on Tuesday.

They examined the current circumstance in Afghanistan. Mr Qureshi highlighted the significance of safety, steadiness and comprehensive political settlement in Afghanistan.

He said that it was fundamental for the world local area to help individuals of Afghanistan to address the philanthropic circumstance and furthermore give monetary help.

The unfamiliar priest featured Pakistan’s endeavors to work with departure of political faculty, staff of global associations and others from Afghanistan. The Australian unfamiliar priest said thanks to Pakistan for its help with this respect.

Mr Qureshi said that Pakistan exceptionally esteemed its relationship with Australia, having a few strands of joint effort, including political, monetary and social.

While communicating fulfillment on the current degree of commitment, the two unfamiliar priests conceded to additional upgrading undeniable level associations.

Pakistan’s High Commissioners-assign to Australia and Canada Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri and Amir Khurram Rathore and Ambassador-assign to Switzerland Amir Shaukat independently approached the unfamiliar pastor.

Mr Qureshi communicated the expectation that the arrangement of prepared ambassadors would assist with reinforcing Pakistan’s two-sided relationship with the individual nations.

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