Qatar media hits back at Europe’s World Cup ‘rights’ attacks


Qatar’s firmly controlled media on Monday moved forward a hostile against European analysis of the Inlet state’s common liberties record in front of the World Cup, on which it has burned through billions of dollars.

Articles and kid’s shows as of late have bludgeoned “slanderous attacks” about Qatar’s treatment of traveler laborers, ladies and the LGBTQ people group.

European papers and freedoms bunches have placed a focus on Qatar’s record in the approach the competition that begins November 20 and is supposed to draw in more than 1,000,000 fans.

A few French urban communities have said they won’t permit public screens to be put up to show matches in a rights fight.

Al Sharq paper conspicuously showed an animation with the World Cup encompassed by bolts representing the analysis that Qatar has confronted.

A publication in Al Raya paper said European papers “have been seething in their assault on the World Cup in Qatar from the time it was declared in December 2010”.

“Try not to rehash the mix-ups of the past,” it cautioned, featuring a 2015 Washington Post blog on the quantity of transient specialists dispensed with on World Cup projects that was remedied after a Qatar government fight.

“We should stop slanderous attacks and coordinate for a World Cup that joins people groups,” it added.

Al Sharq ran a meeting with Lakhdar Belloumi, a previous Algerian global viewed as one of the most mind-blowing Middle Easterner football players ever, who said “malignant missions won’t beat Qatar down”.

A publication in the paper on Sunday hit out at the “falsehoods, bits of hearsay and criticism” written in Europe about Qatar’s Reality Cup arrangements.

It said there was a “precise connivance” by media in numerous European nations over inclusion of laborers’ freedoms in Qatar, “while this media has failed to remember the hopeless circumstances experienced by laborers in Europe.”

“We find that this hopeless media makes a story each time a country from outside the old mainland has the competition,” said Al Sharq.

In an editorial for the English-language site Doha News, craftsman Ghada Al Khater stated: “Excuse me for questioning such goals of European nations, who have for as long as decade stood and looked as transients escaping struggle, demolition and neediness … suffocate to the lower part of the Mediterranean.”

Qatar’s emir Sheik Tamim receptacle Hamad Al-Thani whined for the current year about assaults on Middle Easterner countries however told the UN General Gathering last month that all fans would be invited to the World Cup “without separation”.

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